Learn And Use These Easy Steps To Smudge And Clear The Air…

Learn And Use These Easy Steps To Smudge And Clear The Air

The ancient ritual of smudging is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Done by cultures throughout the world, this practice is very popular. Since we know that energy is everywhere, not only in our bodies, but in our thoughts, the wind, our dreams, in trees, rocks, and the energy of other people, it’s important to also realize that we should smudge to clear our aura field, the space we work and live, our car, and clothes.

The ritual of smudging is simple, inexpensive and satisfying. Since this is a sacred ceremony, it is best to do slowly, in a mindful manner. Here are items you will need in order to smudge:

1. Smudge stick and matches.

2. A clay dish filled with sand (use to put out stick after smudging).

Next take the following steps:

-Set your intention.

-Light the smudge stick until it catches and then blow out flame, using smoldering smoke to smudge.

For you house: start at front door and go clockwise around your house spreading the smoke slowly and methodically. Make sure you smudge in the corners of the rooms where energy can become stagnant. Don’t skip any rooms and be careful when working in small spaces.

For other people: start at top of head and direct smoke waves down over arms, in front of heart and continuing to their feet. Have the person turn around and do the same to back side of body. When finished, place hand on back of heart and say the word “blessing.”

-For yourself: start at top of head with lit, smoldering smudge stick and slowly turn in circle as you lower stick until your aura field is cleared from head to toes.

Here are several types that may be used for clearing. They are sold at many health food stores and easily accessible on line and there is lots to choose from.

1. SAGE is a ritual way to cleanse a person, place of object of negative energies.

2. CEDAR purifies and brings balance to emotions.

3. SWEETGRASS attracts positive energy.

4. COPAL is used for purification.

5. LAVENDER restores balance and peace.

6. PINON PINE adds protection.

7. WHITE SAGE contributes strength and clarity.

Many ask how often should they do this and my recommendation is to follow your intuition. If the thought crosses your mind, then do it. In the event, there’s disruption in your home, just do it!

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