I’m Leah Guy, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Leah Guy, And This Is My Dharma

Leah Guy is the author of The Fearless Path; A Radical Awakening to Emotional Healing and Inner Peace. An intuitive healer and spiritual entrepreneur, she has been working with clients for over 20 years, helping people reconnect to their purpose, happiness and ultimately transform pain and suffering to strength and peace. She’s a survivor of sexual assault, addiction and other traumas. You can learn more at LeahGuy.com.

Your Personal or Professional Goals:

I am an entrepreneur at heart, as well as a healing artist and media personality. My personal and professional goals are closely tied as my life is centered around my work. I am what I do. This year I will be speaking and teaching from my book, The Fearless Path; A Radical Awakening to Emotional Healing and Inner Peace, as well as expanding the Modern Sage brand of chakra oils and aura mists and other goodies. I want to share my personal story as often as possible as it help connect others who are hurting and gives them hope for a better experience.

What’s your offering to the world:

A practical and inspirational way to invite emotional healing in, by making one’s reality acceptable and part of one’s strength. I do this by debunking the myth of letting go and emotional detachment. These philosophies are causing stress and anxiety at the core level of one’s existence.

Who/What Inspires You:

I’m inspired by the average person who is willing to face their personal challenges. I called my book The Fearless Path because it takes a great deal of courage to show up to yourself and be honest with what is going on. I’m also inspired by art and artists. I believe we are all artists, but again, it’s the courage to allow the art to flow and put it out into the world.


My mission has always been to inspire others to stay heart-centered and connected to their reality, all parts of it, so they can emotionally mature and spiritually evolve. Sometimes I use humor, sometimes earnest healing work, sometimes a bit of sass, but always compassion.

Favorite Quote:

If you don’t risk anything you risk even more. Erica Jong

Other Goals:

I am only able to write and help people heal because I have endured quite a number of intense traumas and personal pain. I believe that if we can get holistically oriented, we have the chance to truly heal. Unfortunately, the cliché phrase of body, mind and spirit is tossed around a good deal but not a lot of people are practicing the approach. Understanding who we are at a deep level, integrated with the fluidity of our emotions and the connectivity to all things along with caring for the tangible reality of our physicality is the way to transforming. It’s not about perfection. Nothing is perfect for more than a moment. It’s about living fully and deeply, being satisfied and peaceful within.

Online and Social Sites:

Website URL: www.ModernSage.com

Facebook: Leah Guy The Modern Sage

Twitter: @Modernsage1

Instagram: @TheModernSage

Youtube: Leah Guy 


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