I’m Lauren Handel Zander, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Lauren Handel Zander, And This Is My Dharma

Lauren Handel Zander is a life coach, author, and public speaker. As Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel GroupⓇ, an international and private coaching company, she has coached countless private clients: professors, politicians, award-winning artists, and Fortune 500 CEOs. The Handel MethodⓇ has been taught in more than 35 universities and institutes of learning, including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, NYU, and in the New York Public School System. Lauren has also led seminars and conferences all over the world and has contributed to The New York Times, Forbes, Self, Women’s Health, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, and The Huffington Post.

Your Personal or Professional Goals:

Heal the planet, one human at a time. Make coaching accessible to everyone who wants it.

What’s your offering to the world:

Twenty plus years of experience, figuring out how to cause lasting change and help people get out of default mode, break into their own lives and design them, matter to themselves, and realize their dreams.

Who/What Inspires You:

People willing to do the work, designing their own lives, getting the “maybe it’s me” joke, forgiving themselves and others, asking for forgiveness, evolving their own lineage not in spite of it, in honor of it.


See above personal/professional goal. To cause lasting change.

Favorite Quote:

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” -Tom Robbins

Something You Should Know:


When I’m not coaching, I’m painting. I’m obsessed with it. But, what’s perhaps even more fascinating is that my painting obsession, not so long ago, was birthed from one of our curated Friday night conversations. Curious? Read more about it in my blog and see if you have a passion you aren’t even conscious of: http://bit.ly/2nbhPxp


The key to happiness, no shift, is Personal Integrity. Is aligning your head (plan), your heart (your desire) and your body (actions). But see the species packaging, we are not so good at keeping promises to ourselves. Happiness, self-confidence and pride come from keeping promises to yourself that forward your dream.


One of my favorite taglines is (probably no surprise here) Maybe It’s You. And though it may seem like bad news, it’s truly not. Or at the very least, it’s the best bad news ever. You see, if you are responsible for the mess you’re in, you can get yourself out of it. Whew.

Please attach as many pictures of yourself as you can so we have some options to choose from. Preferably a headshot and some lifestyle and mood shots:

Online and Social Sites:

Website URL: handelgroup.com or maybeitsyou.com

Facebook: facebook.com/HGLifeCoaching, facebook.com/LaurenZander

Twitter: @HGLifeCoaching, @LaurenZander



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