4 Scientific Ways To Know Yourself With Yoga…

4 Scientific Ways To Know Yourself With Yoga

Everyone Wants to Find Themselves

Everyone- your mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, family, acquaintances even you- all want to have deeper, more meaningful experiences in life.

Those experiences help us feel happier, more alive; they help us connect to a sense of fulfillment that we can’t always put into words.

These points in life are important, but unfortunately there’s a negative side to all of this:

Not every one has these experiences, or knows how to have more of them.

Lots of people assume that having those deeper experiences comes from getting “more”- more money, more stuff.

But the ancient yogis were skeptical of this idea and instead decided to go about it in a more scientific way.

What they ended up with turned out to be the entire foundation of yoga.


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Yoga is Knowing Yourself

Long ago, ancient India philosophers dug deep into the human psyche, discovering something there beyond the personality- something beyond the ego.

That discovery was the Self.

They understood that to find real value in life, we all have to connect to this inner Self in some way or another.

As soon as that begins to happen, moments of meaning and happiness naturally start to bubble to the surface, guiding us with more clarity than ever before.

Applying the Knowledge

At its very foundation, yoga is the science of knowing yourself.

But how can we do that? What is the exact process?

If knowing ourselves is the answer, then going within is the path.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Self inquiry- The most burning question we all face in life is “who am I?” But somehow we often overlook just the simple idea that we simply “are”. This is the first step in truly knowing ourselves. We must accept the concept of the ever present moment and forget the mind. Just be.
  • Truth- Our concept of ourselves is usually based in emotion, or things we identify with. In other words, it’s constantly changing. But that’s not truth! Truth is unchanging. We have to identify with that part of us that is stronger than the outside world.
  • Meditation- Meditation is the stepping stone of truth. It allows us to dive deeper into our Self and arise with pearls of wisdom and peace while letting go of the ego. Connecting to silence can sometimes be intimidating, but it’s well worth it when your goal is to know yourself.
  • Mindfulness- Mindfulness is all about stepping into the moment. If meditation is the practice of connecting to the Self, mindfulness is the application.

When these 3 principles are applied, suddenly those moments of happiness and feelings of fullness spontaneously arise- without having to worry about what you do or do not have.

See for yourself!

Experiment and notice if it works.


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