“Know Thyself” Great Yogi Meme…Now Here’s How To Start That Process…

“Know Thyself” Great Yogi Meme…Now Here’s How To Start That Process

Who are you, anyway?

On any given day, there’s an ungodly amount of input and stimulus coming at you and getting drilled into you. From start to finish, every day all the way back to your first day on the planet, someone has been telling you who you are (your name), where you’re from, what your values “should” be, what kind of person you “should” strive to be, what kind of job you “should” have, what clothes, what friends, what social status…

You are constantly and consistently bombarded with info about what somebody or some cultural entity wants for you and your life.

It’s no wonder everyone is so confused about who/what/how/why they want to be.

What’s most important in the process of whittling back to YOU is that you get that you have a choice as to what you listen to, who’s values and teachings you let have influence over you, who’s ideas you’d like to share, what is best for YOU and, most importantly, what is NOT for you.

Tuning out the noise and tapping in to yourself, at your core – that ever-present, always connected, intuitive you, allows you to:

find your footing

establish your foundation

honor your needs and boundaries

decide who you want to be

decide what you want to learn

decide what feels good

and, even better…

how exactly you want to feel.

Not everyone is here it live a super-charged, ever-present and participatory life.

You are.

Why else would you be trolling this site looking for inspo?

That’s what this whole gig is about.

Because you are that special kind of soul, listening to your own inner guide, understanding your experience, learning your lessons and growing are essential to you authentically living your life.

Remove the mask of adhering to someone else’s plan.

End the habit of keeping yourself in check so you don’t offend or upset another.

Learn who you are.

This year might be a huge year for you. It might be a year where you achieve. It might be a year that brings you gifts and joyful moments and dreams come true.

Will those achievements be for YOU?

Will they reflect your dreams and values?

Will you receive love and support in a way that fills you up?

Will you get closer and more understanding with the ONLY person you’re taking this WHOLE crazy journey with (that’s you, if it’s not obvious)?


Will you fall in line and live someone else’s life?

Get to know yourself.

I’ve recorded a guided meditation to clear out what isn’t you so you’re in a better space to be awed and amazed by what is. Hopefully you’ll be inspired and will get moving in a direction that lights YOU up.

Check Out The Guided Meditation Here


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