5 Things Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing…

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing

Your head would have to be underground to never hear about energy healing. Your friends or family have probably used energy healing once or twice. Maybe not. In either case, most people have a distinct misunderstanding of energy healing and how it works. In fact, most people consider it a bunch of malarky. But the truth is that it actually works. And a lot of people can attest to its powers.

Here’s what you need to know.

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1) Since the dawn of human history, cultures have studied energy healing

Chakras, meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, the use of gemstones, Reiki…these are just a few energy pathways that have been studied for countless generations. Many of these cultures, particularly in the east, made these energy practices a cornerstone of their culture. Although various ancient cultures used different modalities to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal, they all saw internal energy as a powerful force of good.

2) There is a science behind energy healing

Everyone has learned that everything is made up of molecules. Even if something appears solid, really it’s composed of different rates of vibrating particles. Even our bodies are doing the same thing. Often, you’ll hear people say something like “that place has great vibes”. In reality, they’re talking about the vibrational energy: happy, calm places have a higher frequency. You can actually feel it. For instance, if you walk into a room where a fight just occurred, you feel a heavy, constricting energy; whereas a place like a forest, ocean, or mountaintop has a lighter feeling vibration.

3) Spiritual healing can happen even if you’re not a spiritual person

You don’t need to understand the law of gravity before you fall down, right? Similarly, you don’t need to understand energy healing before you get into the practice. You just need an open mind. Visiting an energy healer is a fantastic way to destress, reduce anxiety, or get a ‘pick-me-up’ after a long day. Energy healing is a complementary healing modality that shouldn’t exclude any other medical practices you’re employing.

4) Energy healing is everywhere

These days, you can find Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, reflexologists, and crystal healers near you simply by searching Google. They’re everywhere! Get a referral for a reputable practitioner if you are new to these practices — inquire at a yoga studio or ask a friend who’s into alternative healing. Starting with a brief session, even if it’s just massage (which moves energy as well) can give you a taste of how powerful this can be.

5) You can maintain your energetic health at home.

Energetic cleaning is a daily commitment, just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Smudging can clear negativity from your aura and house, and using high vibrational crystals have their own powerful healing properties that can give your energy a big boost. And don’t forget the power of meditation! Meditation is one of, if not the strongest method of shifting your vibration into a higher frequency. All you need to begin your energy healing journey is curiosity and a willingness to learn. Who knows? You might just get hooked!


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