Kind And Protective New Moon In Cancer…

Kind And Protective New Moon In Cancer

We are heading into a significant renewal time with the New Moon in conjunction with Cancer’s water sign on Saturday, July 10th, 2021.

Cancer, an emotional cardinal sign ruled by the Moon, symbolizes a nurturing mother, the divine feminine, kindness, and protection. Cancer helps you develop your intuition further, prepares you to use it to become action-oriented in these fast-moving times.

Because of the alignment between Neptune and Pisces, your intuition is getting a boost; go deeper, listen to what your heart is telling you and act fast since things will move into action and come to fruition.

The Moon opposing Pluto in Capricorn can activate overpowering emotions. Opportunities may appear and disappear suddenly and unexpectedly.

Mercury squaring Pallas is supporting your processes. Be prepared to use your courage to transform dated issues; Pallas’s energy of fairness will be relevant when approaching sensitive topics and repeating patterns.

Cancer is all about being vulnerable and tender, governs home and family, and brings up the need to feel safe and protected.

Because the need to belong is accentuated under this New Moon, you can move into a space of softness, forgiveness, and love to improve family matters. You will find that using patience will allow you to develop new solutions towards old habits and find a newfound love for establishing beauty and compassion in your home.

Allow joy to be present in your life!

It’s time to make a path to come home to yourself; ask questions inside and listen for answers and guidance that you can trust. Focus on simplicity, use your spiritual lenses to approach life, cultivate love and allow yourself to receive from others.

Keep in mind we are dealing with water energy. Water is emotion, intuition, and inner knowing. Rituals and ceremonies can activate water energy. Visualize washing away pain, washing away traumas, cleanse with blessed water, empower water with the moon energy, pray and breathe into the water that you are about to drink.

Cancer is about home. Your body is your ultimate home! You want to find a quiet space, stay still and honor your body by connecting with your core energy and sending love, acceptance, and complete devotion. Commit to resting, playing, and taking time out to recharge every time it is needed.

Much Love,



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