Key Essentials For The Practice Of Celibacy…

Key Essentials For The Practice Of Celibacy

To fully experience the bliss of the Self, brahmacharya is important. But brahmacharya should be one that is attained with understanding, and not by any kind of force or compulsion. A little failure in mental celibacy cannot break your brahmacharya, provided you are keen, firm and sincere in your decision to pursue brahmacharya.

So that our brahmacharya never breaks anytime, first and foremost, let’s get our fundamentals right.

1. Practice of brahmacharya becomes possible after Self-Realization!

One very well knows that brahmacharya should be present not only in body and speech, but in the mind too, because ultimately it is our thoughts that shape our journey ahead. When mind turns towards brahmacharya, the external sexuality will shed off automatically.

Despite understanding all of this, one’s mind still remains fascinated in abrahmacharya. A person, who seems not to be failing in mental celibacy, is actually the result of his prior life’s deep inner intent for brahmacharya. But in order to free ourself from this completely, we need to put a stop to the root cause of abrahmacharya, which is the ‘Ignorance of the Self’.

Self-Realization therefore is a kind of pre-requisite for brahmacharya because the disease of sexuality can arise only when there is ignorance of the Self. Once the knowledge of really ‘I am not this body; I am a Pure Soul’ sets in, one realizes that the only valuable thing in this body is the Soul i.e. the Self.

2. Words of Gnani dissipate all elements of sexuality!

Gnani is the Enlightened One. Without his guidance and support, it is almost impossible to scale up the mountain of brahmacharya. Having met the Gnani Purush, when one stays in his satsang, His words provide the power of right understanding and the right approach to happiness – the permanent happiness. Gnani describes the nature of abrahmacharya; makes us aware of its dangers in present life as well as its potential dangers for the lives to come; and shows the beneficial effects of brahmacharya with scientific exactness.

3. Your unflinching determination will preserve your brahmacharya.

When convinced of the benefits of brahmacharya and truly inspired by Gnani’s words, one makes a firm determination to practice brahmacharya and be free from all elements of abrahmacharya through the mind, speech and the body. Thereafter, staying in the vicinity of Gnani, watching him daily, doing his darshan, receiving his energy and practicing his words makes one progress well on the mighty path of brahmacharya, that is filled with all kinds of temptations, pitfalls and obstructions. Staying in a group of people practicing brahmacharya, and living in a place outside and away from the city is a further advantage, if possible.

4. Eradicate it when the sprout is a mere sapling.

When one gets involved in abrahmacharya, the impulse is so strong and sweet that one gets engrossed in it. But do you know that when this tuber sprouts, it is like a two leaf sapling.

The tuber sprouts as a result of the previously charged karmas that have come with this body from past life. The past karmas cannot be changed and therefore failure in mental celibacy is bound to occur. However, the best thing is that today it has surfaced, such that we can see it and be aware of it. At this point, if ‘You’ (the Self) remain separate from it, you will not accumulate new similar atoms of abrahmacharya in this life.

The precise and continuous objection of ‘ours’ towards it, is the anti-engrossment tendency. This objection itself is the tendency to not get involved in it. Our opposition implies the internal separation. With separation, the continuity does not remain. Our responsibility comes when there is continuity, because then, we attract atoms which shape our future life. With our opposition, we uproot the two-leaf sapling before it grows into a ‘tree’ and firms its roots within. Mind is not to be obstructed as it is a result of the past life. Instead, the causes that create the mind of tomorrow have to be obstructed.

Live with an inner intent of practicing brahmacharya. Thereafter whatever happens is all discharge of past karmas. You remain in pure awareness of the Self, ‘I am separate from this body, I am not John (insert your name in place of John)’ and do your work of being the knower of the discharge of your past karmas, and let John do his work, as dictated by the karmas. Brahmacharya is achieved by persistent application. It will not happen immediately.

5. Dissolve the tuber with pratikraman and samayik.

Unitl the tuber exhausts completely, the failure in mental celibacy will continue to happen. But do not forget to cleanse these instances of failure with pratikraman. Pratikraman means to ask God for forgiveness, do repentance for your mistake with remorse over it, and make a firm decision to not repeat these mistakes ever again. Just keep doing pratikraman for all the mistakes that have occurred so far. When you do pratikraman, your mistake gets washed off. Whatever kind of fault was filled, is what comes out. But this will be emptied in five, ten or twelve years, and then the ‘tank’ will be all cleared. Then it will be clean and clear.

Moreover, meditate on this tuber. Without any condemnation or judgement, just observe how and where all the tuber of abrahmacharya makes you fail in celibacy. This is called samayik. As you keep observing this tuber, it begins to wear out and slowly, one day it will be all exhausted. Then no impulse will arise and your goal of brahmacharya will be attained.

There is no end to bliss if there is Self-Realization on one side and brahmacharya on the other. This brings about an unbelievable change.

In today’s world, Akram Vignan is the simple and stepless path to Self-realization, where we are not expected to do anything major, but just surrender our wrong beliefs in the feet of Gnani and with reverence in our heart, seek His grace to realize the Self. Only a lit candle can light another candle! So does the living AatmaGnani, the Enlightened One, enlighten our Aatma (Self-Realization)!!

Today, the living Atmagnani Shri Deepakbhai Desai is conducting satsangs and Gnan-Vidhis of Akram Vignan all over the world; and hundreds of thousands of seekers are taking advantage of this science. They get established in the experience of pure Soul while carrying out their worldly duties, experiencing freedom. Furthermore, Pujya Deepakbhai guides hundreds of celibates who have chosen the path of celibacy. This living Gnani supports the celibates for and until their attainment of total brahmacharya.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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