I’m Kelly Trach, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Kelly Trach, And This Is My Dharma

After battling chronic illness, pain, and inflammation for over a decade, Kelly rolled up her denim sleeves and healed herself. She spent 10,000 hours conducting trial-and-error experiments and used herself as a human guinea pig to find a solution after doctors said: “there’s nothing you can do.” Think: Tim Ferriss meets functional medicine. Now, she helps people live their best life by building a mindset conducive to healing, living toxin-free, and nourishing with scrumptious plant-based food.

Kelly is the author of the book F*ck this Sh*t I’m Curing Myself (https://www.kellytrach.com/shop/fuck-this-shit-im-curing-myself) and host of podcast Heal with Kelly Trach (https://www.kellytrach.com/podcast) .

Your Personal or Professional Goals:

For starters, I love goals, so I am glad you asked! Here are three goals I am currently working on:

1) Hitting 1 million downloads of my podcast, Heal with Kelly Trach, by December 31, 2018. (I am super grateful that my audience is finding it helpful, so I am on my way!)

2) Launching my first online group coaching program focused on mental mindset by December 31, 2018.

3). Securing Danielle LaPorte as a guest on my podcast by December 31, 2018. (She’s my personal hero and my all-time favorite writer).

What’s Your Offering to the World:

I offer courses, books, coaching and a podcast that is centered around truly healing and transforming, with an emphasis on mindset and starting there before you take any other action.

Who/What Inspires You:

I’m always creating from my core values – possibility, realness, freedom, being intentional, and having the courage to be the best. What inspires me the most is the genius of others reflected through their art whether that’s Chef’s Table on Netflix, Rob Bell’s sermons, or a spin instructors ability to move me emotionally through song and movement.


To show up as who I truly am, lead with the call to serve, and share what’s been deeply transformational for me.

Favorite Quote:

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso


Being a highly visual person, I represent my core values through photos as separate boards on Pinterest. (Feel free to borrow this strategy!) The Rich Roll Podcast is one of my favorites. Rich is another one of my idols and I highly recommend subscribing to his show. He is doing amazing work in this world and I always learn so much from his interviews. I’m big into Danielle LaPorte’s goal-setting methodology of creating Core Desired Feelings. This is my most recommended book of all time (in case you were wondering).

As for goal setting, always set goals that make you grow into a bigger person. And lastly, if you are going to make some cool stuff happen with your life, start with your mind because your mindset dictates your life.

Online and Social Sites:

Website URL: kellytrach.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kellytrach
Twitter: twitter.com/kellytrach
Instagram: instagram.com/kellytrach
Pinterest: pinterest.com/kelly_trach


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