Keeping The ‘Mind’ In Check…

Keeping The ‘Mind’ In Check

I once read a line in a zen text that said something to the tune of, “the biggest reason that we don’t experience enlightenment is because we are lazy.”

I remember feeling rather snarky about that statement, as I was definitely putting in more than my daily time on the meditation bench. I wasn’t lazy. Was I?

A decade later, somewhere in the back of my brain, like a flower that only opens every ten years, the scent of that quote came wafting through.

“The biggest reason that we don’t experience enlightenment is because we are lazy”.

I’ve been watching myself lately…finding that my head has been discreetly hoarding things. Hmmm….a hundred reasons for it? Maybe I am not meditating enough. Maybe I am allowing too much of my energy to go towards my business. Maybe I am taking on and holding onto collective energies. Maybe I am not taking enough time for myself. Again…maybe I am not meditating enough.

And then it dawned on me…what that quote was trying to show me…we get lazy in telling our incessantly jabbering mind to kindly ‘f—- off’. Seriously. Have you ever spoken directly to your Mind with straight-forward, unattached directive?

Think of it. What does the word ‘Mind’ mean? To obey.

I find the following scenario so fascinating, and valid without fault:

  1. The same old thought recording is on repeat.
  2. I notice.
  3. I say, “ok Mind, you have 2 minutes to say whatever you want to say.”
  4. GO ahead. Say it. I’m listening. You have my full attention.”
  5. And it stops. Silence. Total silence.

Guess it wasn’t that important after all, eh Mind?

Question: When do you get your most brilliant and creative ideas?

Personal answer: When I am not thinking.

The chattering Mind is like a fly that absolutely will not leave you alone (if that is what you choose). Day in and day out. And the purpose is?

The Mind is to be used as a tool. Turned on when appropriate. Turned off when finished.

“The biggest reason that we don’t experience enlightenment is because we are lazy’.

Oh yes, I get it now! Meaning that we get sucked into the ‘Mind’ wholly and just don’t choose to conjure the presence or the perseverance to relocate back into heart center…1,000 times a day if that is what it takes to cultivate our own inner peace and quiet.

A heart knowing creates a heart emotion. That inspires a thought and possibly and action. This is connection with our own true knowing and higher self. This feels peaceful and grounded even when it is super passionate.

A mind thought generates an emotion that propels us into a RE-action. Following this wild goose chase can feel hectic and insane, both in the experience and what the Universe reflects back to us when we choose this.

Each and every one of us is a magnificent sovereign being of Divine love. Create what you desire to experience.

There are many pure single essential oils that can support us in becoming an observer of mind chatter. A monkey mind is not new conundrum to the human condition…many humans have been using the same pure, single essential oils in support for this for a VERY long time: frankincense, spikenard, sandalwood. if you haven’t experienced them, I encourage you to do so.

Other single pure essential oils that can be of great support are elemi, amyris, and hyssop. Elemi is a sister to Frankincense. She is also distilled from her resin as Frankincense is. Amyris is a sister to Sandalwood and calls the opposite side of globe her native home (Caribbean). Hyssop is famously known as a hormonal balancer, however I feel one of her most incredible supports is often overlooked: self forgiveness. Without self forgiveness, the Mind never ceases and you can’t hear your Heart.

May we each have the courage and endurance to embody our grandest embodiment potential. Demand a little space. And a lot of inner quiet. Your truth, your bliss, your connection with the cosmos all lies within your own heart. Go for it!


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