A “Cool” Holiday: How To Take A Break From The Chaos And Just Breathe…

A “Cool” Holiday: How To Take A Break From The Chaos And Just Breathe

Holidays Shouldn’t be Work

Family, friends, holiday cheer, seasonal foods, and stress.

One of these things doesn’t belong, but even the best laid plans for a festive season can result in a heated holiday.

You can’t control the freak storm that closed the roads, four extra people showing up for dinner, Uncle Fred’s rant on politics, or your in-laws’ comment on your vegan side dishes. You can, however, regulate your own condition.

You know what they say. “If you can’t stand the heat…” Try sitali breath.

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A Cooling Breath

This cooling breath relieves heat from the body and mind.

If you find yourself agitated, angry, flushed, or frustrated, take two minutes of sitali breathing, even if you have to hide in the pantry.

Sitali breath:

  • Sitting comfortably, extend the tongue out of the mouth and beyond the bottom lip. Do not strain during any part of the breath.
  • Roll the sides of the tongue by curling the edges upwards like a taco shape.
  • With this taco-tongue extended, draw a long, slow inhale into the belly.
  • Pull the tongue back into the mouth and exhale through the nose, long and slow, drawing the belly back towards the spine to empty.
  • Extend the taco-tongue and take another slow, complete inhalation. No straining.
  • Exhale again through the nose, drawing the tongue back into the mouth.
  • The air drawn in should feel cool while the air exiting through the nose is the heat leaving the body.

Continue this breathing, allowing the inhalations and exhalations to gradually lengthen as you relax and begin to cool down. Closing the eyes will assist with the calming and cooling process.

If you cannot roll up the sides of your tongue:

  • Make a small O shape with your mouth.
  • Allow your tongue to float in the middle of your mouth, not touching teeth or gums.
  • Draw a long slow breath through the O-shaped lips and into the belly.
  • Press the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and exhale through the nose.
  • See if you can exhale as long as or slightly longer than you inhale, without strain.

Caution should be used if pregnant or if you have low blood pressure. Do not hold the breath if you are new to this breathing technique. Discontinue if dizziness occurs.

Allow yourself to relax completely during this breath and enjoy a few moments of stillness afterwards.

Have a cool holiday!


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