Karma Ad Fate: How You Can Solve These Problems…

Karma Ad Fate: How You Can Solve These Problems

“That was fate. Nobody could prevent it!” That can be a statement when fate has struck. Immutable waypoints in our life are welcome if they are positive. But when a crisis comes over you, you don’t like that fateful effect. But what is fate and is it true that fate cannot be changed? And can karma analysis help me solve my problems?

Is Fate and Karma the same?

Fate and karma are often ascribed the same effects. But there are big differences between fate and karma. Fate is fixed and cannot be changed. This means that the event will occur without the person being able to counteract it.

Fate is like a letter you receive. The content of the letter cannot be changed. But you can decide what to do with this information. Fate is directly related to your karma. Fate is the place and occasion when karma is fulfilled. In this sense, fate is related to your karma.

Your family into which you were born is typical of fate. The choice of which family it will be is directly related to your karma as to what to reduce. As a result, it will be a family or a couple who will meet your karmic requirements. This also includes social circumstances.

Can I influence fate after all?

This fact leads to the belief that you have no control over your destiny. And yet there is an area where you can work and influence fateful events. This is achieved by reducing karma and avoiding new karma. If you avoid your karma work, you give yourself up to fate. And with that you also avoid the possibility of directing your life.

Example: the car accident

Let’s imagine you are always numbing your problems with alcohol. Your karmic homework is to face the problem and solve it. But that homework was never done by you and instead replaced with alcohol. As a result, driving while drunk can be a fateful experience. The result is a car accident. You could have avoided this scenario.

But you didn’t do your karmic homework and decided against it. Free will enables you to make decisions and act contrary. Even if fate seems difficult to escape, there are ways to change it. That certainly requires a lot of strength, courage and perseverance from you. But in the end your work will be rewarded.

Who can help you avert a fateful event?

The responsibility for your fate rests mainly with you. But there are also other ways to avert the seemingly inevitable event. In our example, friends could prevent you from driving the car before you leave. And maybe they can save you from that accident that day. However, this did not solve the karma problem. You are likely to run into a similar situation on one of the next few opportunities. Now no friends stop you from driving the car drunk. And maybe now comes the fateful accident that could be avoided.

When can an event no longer be averted?

It depends on the circumstances whether and when a fateful event can still be averted. In some cases, there are processes running in the background that simply cannot be stopped. It doesn’t matter if you want to change your mind at the last moment.

Example: You want to drive into the next bend while drunk. You realize this is likely to go wrong. Now you can brake and slow down. However, all attempts to avert this accident fail. Your car is too fast to escape fate. A certain karma cannot be resolved in a moment by simply making another decision. Karmic tasks are processes that often take a long time to resolve. As a result, the resulting fate can rarely be undermined by a spontaneous change in decision.

Fate changes when you change!

Responsible for your life and able to conscientiously drive a steering wheel. Anyone who wants to know which karma is currently working should do a spiritual karma analysis.


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