JUPITER Transit In Scorpio till 5th November 2019…

JUPITER Transit In Scorpio till 5th November 2019

This could uplift your personal and professional life. It also could help you to prosper financially and bring good luck.

Jupiter (Guru, Brhaspathi) is one of the most favourable planets in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter is the guardian of the abstract mind which rules higher learning and bestows upon as a desire for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. It gives the signification of good fortune, luck, and happiness in family life, marital bonding and fertility. Jupiter is the Karaka (significator) for husband in a female birth chart, for children, wisdom and financial stability. Last 13 months Jupiter was in Libra and moved on the 11th of October 2018 to the zodiac sign Scorpio. Jupiter will be now in Scorpio till 5th November 2019.

The time that Jupiter spent in Libra was not favourable for many of us because the ruler of Libra is Venus. Jupiter and Venus think and act in very different ways. Jupiter is the young spiritual teacher in the group of spiritual planets. But Venus is the leader of the group of planets related to material comforts and sensual pleasure. Therefore, during the last 13 months, Jupiter was not in a position to show his true potential. Now that Jupiter is in Scorpio, the energy will shift positively because the ruler of Scorpio, Mars is a friend of Jupiter. They both are in the team of spiritual planets. Mars is the planet for Yoga and meditation. These two planets can understand each other in good terms.

Jupiter in Scorpio is the perfect time for self-growth and increasing and enhancing your progress, happiness, and spirituality. However, the impact of Jupiter transit into Scorpio is different from person to person depending upon their planetary positions in the birth chart. Jupiter feels very good and strong in Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Being a large and relatively slow planet, the transits of Jupiter influences all in different ways and varying degrees of intensity. The influence of Jupiter transit will depend on which house of our horoscopes it transits, and how comfortable Jupiter is feeling in that particular sign he is temporarily occupying. Therefore, by studying your astrology chart — horoscope, we can determine how favourable this transit is going to be for you. To learn more contact: wiseintro.co/drtheja

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