Jupiter In Capricorn Forecast…

Jupiter In Capricorn Forecast

A Year of Exaggerated Half-Truths, Codependency and Liberation.

On December 2nd, 2019, Jupiter will move from Sagittarius into Capricorn and will stay there until Dec 19, 2020. Jupiter changes signs once a year, and being that it’s the largest planet in our solar system, it brings great change when it moves into a new real estate in space.

Jupiter, ruled by The Wheel Of Fortune, represents blessings, miracles, expansion, and teachers. Jupiter indicates growth that must be done so that we can expand our vessel and bring potential into actual reality. This planet brings changes of events and situations and asks that we become proactive with our changes, otherwise what happens is that Jupiter recycles our reality, like a sitcom rerun, even if we don’t recognize it.

Given that Capricorn rules over material illusions, chances are that we especially won’t recognize reruns during this transit. Furthermore, we will be asked to expand our material world by making changes as, or even before, an opportunity is presented. Change is the only constant in this Universe and when we resist change we suffer. In our birth charts, Capricorn represents the area of greatest suffering as it indicates the darkest area of our life. At the same time, the darkest area allows us to bring the greatest light. With Jupiter in Capricorn, we could either suffer a lot or reveal a tremendous amount of light. Suffering comes about by being attached to the mind caught in illusion.

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This meditation can be done from December 2nd, 2019, until December 19, 2020.

To avoid suffering, we need to watch out for expanding our attachments and delusions as Capricorn is ruled by an archetype called The Devil that displays both a man and a woman chained to the material world. Ideally, neither the man or woman is enslaved by their chains to the material and can at any moment free themselves, and thereby change their reality.


Paradoxically, to be in this world, we need to have these chains. However, we decide how tight the chains are as we have the choice, at any moment, to take them off. Whenever we forget this Truth, we become illusioned by the material and chained to it due to our attachments. Jupiter in Capricorn will push us to change our understanding of attachments and the entire material world.

We will, personally and collectively, be pushed and guided to free ourselves from the parts of the material world we are chained to and illusioned by.

The reward for this Jupiter in Capricorn challenge could be a lot of blessings and fortune! Think manifestation and the ability to have all your intentions come true. If our heart is in it, and our mind is online with it, then nothing can block the channels of manifestation. Jupiter represents manifestation and Capricorn is an earth sign of material so the combination makes for a powerful magnet of revealing what you intend.

As Jupiter brings many opportunities and chances for us to reach our potential and our true self, while in Capricorn, we will be brought opportunities for material and spiritual success because they are one and the same. When we understand this statement as true, we understand the secret of manifestation. If we fail to seize these moments, we will again take another spin around the wheel where everything is the same and mask it up as something else. Here’s the catch: whenever we are spinning around, living in a rerun reality without any new content, we will never know it. We only know if we have broken out of a rerun loop binge once we see the rerun. It’s a paradox, but it’s just the way it is.

False prophets selling half-truths

In a world of endless spiritual systems and fiction, Jupiter in Capricorn won’t make it any easier to decipher Reality from half-truths. Jupiter represents the merciful teacher, whereas Saturn, also in Capricorn, represents the wrathful teacher. Both teachers, in the same sign, will be wanting to teach us our lessons.

As the famous story goes, Lucifer wanted to be greater than God. What this means for us is that we need to be careful of competition with Reality. With Jupiter in Capricorn, we just may exaggerate our personal truth and mistake it for Truth. This is a huge spiritual trap where we sacrifice spiritual laws for relativism and adopt attitudes like, “that doesn’t apply to me because I don’t believe it”. Well, Jupiter and Saturn are there to tell us what I always tell my clients, “in case of TRUTH, belief is not required”.

This is a trap of The Devil archetype, which rules over half-truths. We think we can pick and choose what applies to us in the spiritual world. We think that we are God and how we perceive it and how we define it is how it is so we can dismiss scientific and spiritual rules and attack and reject all moral and spiritual ethics. Why? So the ego can have a sense of freedom!

We will learn that this forced “freedom” is installed into place to excuse the ego from being self-responsible for its actions and movements. The sacrificed responsibility, which is our personal power, is then projected onto some external “cause”, also known as a scapegoat.

Nobody is superior to divine Truth or even the great masters of all times who have paved the spiritual path for us. Our way of seeing reality isn’t superior to the Absolute. Yet, if we insist that we know better, then we will rerun on the wheel of illusion until one day we break or someone breaks us out of it. Again, in case of TRUTH belief isn’t required, and spiritual rules need not be hated or rejected, and if they are it’s an indication of ego control. Then we are lead into wishful thinking, which has nothing to do with intention setting and is like a poison within the manifestation or attractor process.

Tolerate and elevate the dark side – it’s not infecting you

I recently learned about healthy attachments, throwing a wrench into my lifetimes of Buddhist training, which taught me to severe all and any attachments.

I have, until now, had a very easy time letting go of people and things with no hesitation. Burning bridges and cutting people off seemed like the obvious choice when faced with “seemingly toxic” or actually toxic people or situations. I also understood that the universe would always provide the next version of that person in a higher form if I did my work to grow. Most of my relationships are purpose and work-based as I don’t have a void of loneliness that would need constant refilling with social interactions.

Yet, I never considered that maybe I was violating one of my promises to elevate people. How selfish of me to just cut people off and not stick with them through their darkness. I think a big part of this was because I actually dealt with a lot of toxic people in my childhood and had a hard time discriminating between being people toxic and people having toxic behavior.

I would even demonize them to make it easier to ghost them. Big mistake. And even a bigger violation of my will to help elevate people! Now here it becomes tricky and we cannot fake the “healthy” part of the attachment. Because if I would now just stick around, endlessly enabling toxic behavior and call it healthy attachment, I am most likely attached maybe not to a person but to some self-image. So when I learned about healthy attachments, I realized that my “non-attachment” was really an attachment in disguise as “freedom”. It was only at that moment when a lesson I learned years ago took on a deeper meaning. Many years ago I accepted and learned that true freedom only comes by obeying rules, namely the spiritual laws of the universe. As the famous artist, Pablo Picasso said, one needs to know the rules in order to break them.

Until we know the rules, set in place by The Emperor (the ruler), and manifested within The Devil (the material world), we operate in half-truths.

In our hearts, we are all attracted to Truth, yet the ego will edit our understanding of Truth in order to keep us chained to illusion. Take my bridge-burning addiction for example; I was doing what I wanted and calling it “non-attachment” when really it was separation in a “holier than thou” sort of way. Half-truths much!? I was spinning it to myself that it was both for best of us because I wasn’t feeling “good” with this person, as if my feelings of “good” are the most important thing in a relationship LOL!!!!

Here’s the thing about Truth: it can never be spoken about because it’s Truth! The closest we can get to speaking about Truth is when we are talking about paradoxes. Meanwhile, half-truths and easily understood memes are everywhere. They are plastered all over social media and many are entertained by hundreds of them daily. We all do it and it’s one of the greatest tricks the devil ever played on us to hide truth right under our noses without ever challenging us to integrate it or make a lifestyle out of it.

With Jupiter transiting Capricorn, half-truths will be exposed and we might see some people freak out about it. Or, half-truths and relativism might get reinforced as many people who operate within half-truths only get half the picture and spin the rest, as in making it up as they go to reinforce their ego beliefs until one day it all crashes in their face. I’m just trying to motivate anyone on the verge of moving out of half-truths to do it ASAP because once again, we have the free will to take the chains off.

Jupiter, the great expander, will push us out – or deeper into – illusion. The direction we take is up to us. This brings up another issue regarding free will and fate.

Free will and fate

We all have free will, yet what most of us identify as free will is really just fate. Fate is nothing but our karmic winds deterring us from our destiny.

Karmic winds you ask?

Yes, karmic winds are our propensities and reactive behaviors blowing back on us from actions we have set into motion in the past. In the material world bound by illusion, every cause has an effect. We can transcend it, but in order to do that we need to transcend duality and in order to do that we need to raise our consciousness to a level of awareness that will allow us to at least temporarily step away from our ego based desires into a field of union with everything and everyone, into the field of unconditioned love, where we are in absolute agreement with the way things are.

This is all within our potential and is our inherent destiny, but the time it takes for us to realize it is up to us.

As Capricorn rules the time it takes to accomplish something, Jupiter represents the opportunities that we may be presented with, good and bad. Capricorn wants us to get in touch with and accept both the good and bad parts of ourselves. So we may find that we are being presented with many of the same situations in order for us to get it right! My advice is to become aware of reactive and proactive behavior and open up to the idea that we might be delusional or self-righteous. Until we can develop a good sense of what’s reactive (karmic) we need to work with a spiritual guide or teacher (Jupiter) to help us decipher the difference.

Codependency & destiny

With this transit, we also need to become aware of the connection between codependency and destiny. Jupiter is a planet that helps us reach our destination with mercy and grace, yet Capricorn likes to work on a schedule so there is a bit of incompatibility here. As stated, one of the greatest blessings of this world is that we have the freedom to make choices, yet, what most of us think are choices are really impulses, reactions, and propensities.

In relationships for example, when we are making plans with others, sometimes we use our “free will” to be codependent. What happens is that we create a karmic chain to the situation where we need to take care of that karma at some point in the future (unless we know how to consciously dis-create karma with atonement). As long as we are codependent we are spinning around on The Wheel of Fortune until we reach a place where we want to be held accountable for our codependency so we can clear out our karma.

The best attitude to have in these karma cleansing situations is to elevate others while doing it. We should always elevate others anyway, with or without karmic situations. You might just need to be in that situation for some cosmic reason (to elevate, interdependence, clearing karma, etc.). In other words, if you made codependent plans then you have to pay your dues and you should do it by elevating and commuting to the karmic situation until it’s complete.

Or you can run from it, ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen, but it creates more karma in the long run.

In essence, we can only ever be codependent with our own ego, so if we can kick that, then we can prevent codependency in relationships and rather establish healthy attachments within them. Jupiter in Capricorn can be a really fun time of great expansion and playfulness! If we can work with the archetypal energies in a way that transcends the challenges, we will see our efforts manifested with ease and permission.


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