June’s Lovers Full Moon…

June’s Lovers Full Moon

Every culture has connected to the June Full Moon with reverence, knowing its magic and power towards men.

Considered an excellent time to work on relationships since ancient times, the June Full Moon is known as the sweetest Full Moon of the year, both relating to crops and romance.

Named the Strawberry Full Moon by the Algonquin tribes of North America, June’s Full Moon marked the harvesting season of the delicious strawberry fruit.

In Europe, it was known as the Honey Moon or Full Rose Moon and it was considered a romantic Full Moon and a good omen Moon for newly married couples. They use this time to consume the honeymoon because the sweetness of this Full Moon represented good luck and the happiest time of the relationship.

Indian traditions also associate this Full Moon to Vat Purnima, a legend from the Mahabharata, where a series of ceremonial rituals are performed by married women to bring blessings to their husbands.

The Pagans also worshipped the June’s Full Moon and called it the Lovers’ Moon. They used honey in their rituals to heal broken relationships and to bring prosperity to new ones.

This Full Moon is conjunct with Sagittarius and starts the Lunar Eclipse Season. The Eclipse energy adds intensity to it, shining even more light into our reality.

A Full Moon of warmth, sweetness, the magic of love, mixed with the fire, and accelerated by the energy of the Eclipse will definitely direct our steps with clarity and precision into a new era of actions.

We are invited to release the false illusion that things can go back to “normal” when in fact our “normal” has been abnormally nonsensical. Now, as a collective, we just hope to avoid the shock of seeing the consequences of our destructive ways of living.

The shining light of this lunar eclipse is showing us the truth about our true nature; we are loving, social beings but somehow we have been okay treating each other, animals, and nature in a very uncaring and hostile way.

What happened? Why have we let go of our benevolent nature and allow horrible things to happen to people and animals? When did this get out of control? When did we lose track of truth and simplicity? Why are we aiming to maintain a lifestyle that is not sustainable on any level?

This Full Moon is bringing change and highlighting a new way for us. We need to become real and value what really serves humanity. It’s a sweet time for us to focus on nurturing the truth within our lives and become more authentic. This experience will prepare us to accept bigger and painful, or hidden truths that need to be revealed, healed and forgiven.

With a strong inner work of introspection, we can still bring magic to our planet, and our relationships, by investing time and sharing appreciation and gratitude for each other with acts with kindness and compassion.

Safely tune into this Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius to support your inner work of self-love, compassion, and kindness towards yourself, your family, your friends, and the planet.


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