Judging Ourselves, Self-Esteem, And Kindness…

Judging Ourselves, Self-Esteem, And Kindness

We must realize that each one of us is unique. With certain usual things, we all have our chemistry. And our combination of body and brain, our imaginative ability, etc. While we go through the process of self-exploration, self-awareness, or self-journey, you will come across a lot of obstacles. Since each one of us perceives the world in their way, it is complicated for us to understand each other world 100%. Therefore, when we are doing things to explore ourselves, the biggest mistake we make is to judge ourselves from the pressure of society, culture, etc. What is woven around us as web, we start strangling ourselves with it? It is crucial to understand that there are generally accepted rules in society, and then there are other internal boundaries. However, by separating and realizing each category, we can push ourselves to the top within limits. It might take us through a lot of loops, puzzles, deception, etc. but it is all part of the game. Love the game and play it over and over again for maximum efficiency

Losing some money is not a loss, losing business is not a loss, losing jobs is not a loss, but losing yourself in the process is the most significant loss you can suffer. Nothing matters more than how you perceive yourself, your self-esteem. I went through several successful people’s life stories and found the same familiar ritual. Setbacks after setbacks to find their best combination with the outer world to maximize the efficiency of their presence. It is terrific to make mistakes; a lot of decisions will be wrong. We go through different ages, energy cycles, mental health, emotional behaviors, etc. We can always find a better solution to the problems, and that does not make our previous decision terrible. At that time, those seem to be OK; now you have better solutions. Learn from it and keep improving. Keep moving forward, my friends, be kind, and never judge yourself in the process.


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Waheed R Khan


I love speaking and writing about never giving up, finding strengths and weaknesses, self-esteem, positive and negative energies, and resiliency,…

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