I’m Jill Alban, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Jill Alban, And This Is My Dharma

Beth Weissenberger is the Co-Founder and President of Handel Group® Corporate and Sports Divisions. With nearly 20 years in the coaching industry, Beth has led personal development seminars for more than 50,000 people globally, has been a featured Executive Coach at Businessweek.com, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Beth’s ability to evolve corporate culture and bring about exponential financial growth has become her trademark. Learn more at handelgroup.com.

Your Personal or Professional Goals:

My professional goal is to raise consciousness in organizations across the world. To get to a point where every senior leader, every executive who is running a company is dealing with what doesn’t work about them..

What’s Your Offering to the World:

As a coach, I have the ability to make a profound difference in corporations and organizations.. I’ve also founded the HG sports division. It’s brand new, and I’m seeking to become a coach of record in the sports world. I’m helping players and coaches in the NFL and Olympics remove the obstacles that are in the way of their dreams.

I offer a unique brand to the world. I’m the girl that deals with what sucks about you and teaches you how to evolve, control, leash and invent new behaviors. I don’t think other executive coaches are doing it or saying it that straight.

Who/What Inspires You:

Coptuitiveness inspires me. What’s coptuitiveness? It’s when you “cop to it.” You admit when you’re wrong. My sisters inspire me––I co-founded my company with one sister and work intimately with the other one. Any leader that has the courage to hire us (a kind of weird and edgy consulting group) inspires me. Any athlete or coach that hires us and has the courage to deal where they are (i.e., full of sh-t).


Alter the world, one person at a time. Read our book, do the work, and cause change.

Favorite Quote:

“Maybe It’s You”

Other Goals:

I have a goal of being a great mom to a teen (also known as deal with Karma). I’m committed to “maybe it’s me.” It’s what we teach and how I live. It’s not always my daughter. I have promises as much as she has promises. Sure, I’m training and taming my teen, but I’m also training and taming my own inner-teen.

And, finally, it’s time to “Handel” what an asshole I am in love.

I’m 58, divorced twice, with a third long-term relationship that didn’t turn out. Maybe it’s me. And while my sisters would not necessarily coach other gals in my predicament the same way, I’ve recently received the advice to stop looking for the one, pretending it’s what I’m supposed to want (when I don’t) and go have fun. With 3 men. Eeek!

Online and Social Sites:

Website URL: handelgroup.com

Facebook: facebook.com/HGLifeCoaching

Twitter: @HGLifeCoaching

Instagram: @HandelGroup

Youtube: @HandelGroup


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