January Lunar Eclipse

LUNAR ECLIPSE @ 00° LEO JAN. 21, 2019, 05:17 AM UTC

Hi Stargazers!

With the Lunar Eclipse in 00° Leo, we are picking up the echoing energy from the Solar Eclipse we had at the beginning of the month!

The first Full Moon of 2019, which happens to be a Lunar Eclipse (when the sun will pass in front of the Moon) prompts us to become selfless! Whenever we have a Lunar Eclipse, our inner, selfish nature is blocked out so that we can become more sharing, giving, generous and shine into all directions.

Our focus on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is all about harmony. We are able to heal disharmony and invoke the power of true harmony, which is the perfect balance of assertiveness and receptivity – both qualities of the Moon.

In DASH® Astrology, the Moon represents how we receive, as well as how we assert ourselves based on what we have received. When the Moon is eclipsed by the sun, which represents how we share, project ourselves and go about our life, our reactive, me first nature, our ego, is eclipsed. This can pose either a positive or a negative time depending on how attached we are to our ego.

Our vessel, our ability to receive is blocked out during a Lunar Eclipse, which means we could feel deprived, abandoned or left out – disconnected even. This will most likely happen when we are attached to our egotistical ways. If we are able to detach from our ego identities and remember that they are just vehicles for Divine Will, we will be able to reboot ourselves and refresh our connection to that Divine Energy seeking expression.

Take, take, take will be eclipsed by share, share, share.

With that said, Lunar Eclipses can be very problematic for people who are not on a path to liberation, and auspicious for those on the path to liberation from Samsara (the mind caught in illusion of duality). As you can see, a focus on harmony has to be more prominent than ever when unraveling the addiction to the duality of right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark or black and white.

In DASH® Astrology, the Full Moon is a time of reflection when each archetype asks us a specific question.

How do I understand the expression, “Biting the hand that feeds”? When does this apply to my life?

Even if we don’t find an answer, just asking the question stirs energy in consciousness and can shift things enough to help us realign with our true north and help us reap that accelerated light.

The Sun, which is all-giving, and the Moon, which fluctuates in its capacity to receive throughout the month, can give us insight into our moody nature and how we are accepting what is given to us and into all the ways we reject what we could receive

This Full Moon puts an emphasis on the Leo/Aquarius axis as the sun will be in Aquarius opposing the Moon in Leo 0°. The Moon in Leo makes for a very dramatic and entitled inner nature, which will of course be eclipsed by the Sun, which rules over Leo. So there could be a bit of confusion of what we want – but only when the ego is doing the wanting. The Sun represents 70% of our ego and our karma.

Whenever a Full Moon occurs in 0th degree, we have the unique opportunity to travel in time to the seed level, and makes changes on the quantum level. This is because 0 represents the omega and alpha, where all potential is found and can be directed. It’s like having access to the command center of the archetype.

With the Full Moon occurring in the 0th degree of the Leo archetype, we can access the energy of the solar month of Leo, July 21 – August 22 in the future and in the past. We can inject positive energy into that upcoming time in all times, as well as erase negative energy from those time periods in the past when we work with the above question of this Full Moon.

Again, working with the Aquarius/Leo axis, we can access the solution to releasing ego seeking habits and let go of our need to be special.

In DASH® Astrology (dash = dharmaceuticals archetypal synergistic healing) every Full Moon is about melting down obstacles. With this particular Full Moon in Leo, we access a state of honesty that allows us to speak our mind that is free of doubt. In DASH, we work to eliminate doubt with every Moon workshop. Whenever we foster doubt, we are led to blame, (people, places and things) which strips us of our power.

We can rather use the energy of Leo to cultivate courage and eclipse the cowardly lion.

Therefore, it’s a powerful time to express, to speak and making sure you are being heard. This will extend into the past and into the future. A strong balance and healing will occur with this Full Moon as it eliminates the obstacles that we have created through lying and not speaking our honest truth.

Finally, the chart of this Full Moon will see the Sun conjunct the South Node and the Moon conjunct the North Node. This makes the Lunar Eclipse paramount in releasing the past so that we can slingshot into the future, a future that we intend to create and manifest. The emphasis on alpha and omega is heightened and we release ourselves from samsara and either cultivate or remember that that’s what we want in the first place.

The house where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 0° Leo is occurring is asking you to refill it with light and honesty. We will have the access to eliminate obstacles in any area of our life, but it will be strongest where this Full Moon is occurring in our astrological chart.

If you’re serious about removing these obstacles I am offering a Full Moon Guided Meditation. For 24 hours before and after the Full Moon, we are taking whatever is negative back to its “quantum soup” state so that we can create something new and beautiful. It is potentially happening for us all, but with the Moon Meditation Workbook and online Moon Meditation Obstacle Removing Workshop I am hosting, we are really tapping into and accessing this state made available to us all.

Join me in my Full Moon Teaching & Meditation:

  • Activate honesty and speak your mind
  • Let go of fear in the throat chakra
  • Learn to hear others
  • Balance left and right brain energy to ignite creativity.
  • Align your desires with the cosmic schedule.
  • Align with proper attitude to retain during the remainder of the lunar cycle.
  • A guided meditation for the Full Moon in Leo.
  • Recorded lecture and teaching about the chart of this Full Moon.
  • The ability to protect your New Moon seeds from negativity.


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