It’s Time To Make A Stand…

It’s Time To Make A Stand

So much has been written about these unprecedented times…many channelled messages, opinions and truth/conspiracy theories that it our heads spin. There is an increasing information war going on between mainstream media and social media with both sides doing everything they can to undermine the other. No wonder it is confusing for people!

Our future is being created in every now moment, so it is vitally important that we have an open mind and embrace the possibility that what we believe to be true from the past will no longer be the case for the future. All of our beliefs have been forged from our past primary influences from family to our education and media. Now that things are changing so rapidly, it is imperative that we suspend our beliefs and judgement to open to a new reality that will radically transcend the current one. After all it is crumbling before our very eyes!

It’s time to take a stand…for the truth. The challenge is…we are not sure what the truth is because the truth has been infiltrated with the mistruths to keep us in the dark. So how do we take a stand for the truth when there is so much confusion? First we must shift our energy away from right and wrong and stop hating on those who are in power and doing what they can under so much pressure. We cannot dispel darkness with more darkness, only Light can do that. So the more of us that can detach from certain outcomes and be diligent in holding the energy for the light of the truth to be revealed, then we hold space for the truth to be revealed as we are ready to see it. But be prepared, because the truth is beyond what most people are able to see. It is time to bring light of awareness to the dark, for the purposes of healing. It is time to transmute our miscreations into creation. So it is time to take a stand for the truth and allow it to be revealed as it comes forth…for as we know, it is the truth that sets us free!

We are here to support you on your journey.

Dean & Rebecca


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