It’s Okay To Not Be Okay…

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s okay if you’re not okay right now.

It’s okay if you feel afraid, helpless, or sad.

It’s okay if you feel safe, grateful, and happy.

The world is dynamic, and it is always evolving, which means that we human beings that inhabit the earth, well, we are dynamic and always evolving as well. It makes sense that we would feel many sensations and emotions throughout each day. It would make sense that we might experience many emotions all at once.

Whatever it is you’re experiencing, however you’re processing it, however it’s affecting you in big ways or small…it’s okay.

There has always been suffering and chaos in the world, but recently it has felt next level.

Perhaps now is the time to turn inward, towards yourself, so that you can then go outwards, towards others.

Here is my belief:

We are sent here to learn our lessons, and grow from those lessons, and find more healing and wholeness as a result of those lessons. Once we’ve learned them, it’s not for us to keep all of that knowledge and wisdom and healed-ness to ourselves. It’s not for us to simply dust off our hands and go on our merry way, as if nothing had happened.

Instead, we take our whole, full, and healed selves out into this broken world that so desperately needs us, and we inject ourselves into the eye of the storm, and we live out that wholeness in real-time. We rise up. We show empathy. We come together.

THIS is why we practice yoga.

THIS is why we show up for the stillness of meditation.

THIS is why we learn to witness our minds in coaching, so that we can choose to participate in the stories we write on purpose, instead of habitually reacting to what life gives us.

Keep showing up, my friends. Continue to put one foot in front of the other. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, wherever you may be. Allow yourself to not be okay today, so that you might work towards being okay tomorrow. You are not alone.


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Kacey Kingry


Kacey is a life coach and a yoga teacher. She uses the ancient wisdom of yoga to coach her clients…

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