It’s Okay To Feel Like An Alien

Every day as a kid, I stared at the sky and when time (and space) permitted, I would climb out onto the roof of my house, sit at the highest peak, and become a stargazer.  As a young girl, I always had a dreamy outlook, lived with fantasy and curiosity, and sensed a bigger picture to life on Earth and to the reasons we are here.  Knowing somehow I was a distant observer, my parents bought me a telescope when I was about 7 years old to provide an outlet for my love of the stars, and to probably keep me off the roof.

I’ve been told I’m “different” perhaps because I grasp the “bigger picture” picture that we are all connected, living on a ball of physical matter and gases that hurtles in space around a sun. As a young child, I was burdened by the weight of an inner vision that there is more to this life that what meets the eye of most people’s reality. For these reasons, I have been called an old soul, intense and intimidating, and yet I still wonder, what it is about me exactly that causes that reaction. Am I an alien?

The way I’ve thought about the world left me half expecting to see slit eyeballs or five green scaly tentacles growing out of my legs because, for a long time, I felt like an alien hiding amongst humans, rather than a member of the species. There was the outwardly traditional part of me who spent years searching for a statistically normal husband and family of my own, yet my soul pushed me to develop my psychic abilities, do inner work, and create a path living as my authentic self and owning who I came here to be.

What happened on my path wasn’t what my ego thought it should be, instead my soul grew other parts of myself…the inward independent maverick that loves to study metaphysical concepts, numerology and astrology, and who slips away in meditation from the domain of the clock and into a space-time situation quite different from mundane life.

I found that I love the solitary journey of self reflection and knowing who I am as a unique part of this world.  And how the view of myself, the way I relate to others and my community, begged me to ask the question, “What is normal anyway”?

Normal is defined as the ordinary and typical, and is based on social constructs of what people expect.  A social construct is just a manufactured belief for the purpose of being safe and following ideas of what is acceptable. As I grew in my development, my hunch was that there were many more individuals around (than expected) who felt alien and who didn’t fit a particular mold!  And I found them, a tribe of people who think like me and see life like me, and it was an amazing sense of freedom.

My tribe and I all share a similar model to life and live with three basic principles:

  1. Do not be held back by walls or social constructs or by old outdated paradigms that things have to look and feel a certain way in order to be acceptable.  Live from a space where you give yourself permission and freedom to be who you are, without apology.
  2. Feeling like an alien is merely the first step into the awareness that something in your customary way of living isn’t working anymore, isn’t life supporting, or health promoting. The feeling of being “alien” is actually a call from your soul to develop your spiritual, mystical side, by returning to the inner values that happen to be most prized universally and collectively throughout human history, merely forgotten….love, truth, beauty, justice, and freedom. Deconstruction of traditional ways invites the underlying Spirit, of which we are all a part, to break through.
  3. The “alien” or more accurately “mystical” person looks at life within the larger oneness; that the trees and rocks and rivers are to the body of the world, as your bones and organs and bloodstream are to your physical body. When Spirit breaks through into your conscious world, it blends the ancient wisdom of being connected to everyday life to things of the world in body, heart, and mind. It is when you dream and use imagination as creative play-doh, believing in synchronicity from the universe, and following the mystical path predicated on awakening, abandoning passivity to engage in co-creation with vigor, attention, and radiance.

Humanity is standing at the entrance of the doorway into the next stage of our unfolding, both individually and collectively. The world is in a major paradigm shift, a major time of new awareness and consciousness to how we live, think, feel, and act… and it is making huge positive waves in the sea of life. We are ready to ascend into this new understanding. We are coming to terms with our authentic selves more and more, the uniqueness of every person and who we came here to be.

Each of us can, have, and will use the powers of the universe and blend them with assistance from the physical world for more clarity and a shift in awareness about life. When you shift your thinking that nothing is impossible in this grand universe; indeed, everything becomes possible.  It is OKAY to feel like an alien.  It is then that fears of being isolated dissolve into nothing, and an expanded view of the world is known.

The spiritual experience and the mystical path, is now the requirement of the many — a unique developmental path for self and world — rather than just for the lone alien.

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