It’s All A Gift. Sometimes It’s Just Hard To See it……

It’s All A Gift. Sometimes It’s Just Hard To See it…

Healing ancestral trauma

Talking with my dead grandmother

Releasing trauma stored in the body

Screaming in the pillow

It’s part of my job description as a Human Design and Leadership coach for powerful women.

But, I’d never be the leader of women I am today if I would have listened to the words and actions of my family as a child.

“I WISH YOUR WERE MORE STUPID,” Those are the words my mom used to tell me

“Why are you so annoying? Don’t be intelligent and ask all those questions,” Those were the comments I got from my family.

I learned at an early age that being intelligent successful beautiful and smart was a BAD thing. I was TOO MUCH.

I was desperate at night after hearing words like this all day, every evening asking myself why I cannot just be normal… how can I dull my shine? What can I do to make them love me?

Deep down, I knew I’d never truly be normal. In fact, I started time travel when I was just 15. In one of my first quantum adventures, I attended a 3 day’s seminar where I learned to heal people, connect with dead people, travel in the future with my mind.

In this (seemingly) imaginary world..

I was better

There was no trauma

There was no judgment

There was no fear

There was no screaming

There was no beating from my brother

Then, I’d land back in my reality. In the hard, tough astral plane that was my home.

I just wanted to be free.

I was spending hours in meditation, trying to be in my quantam world.

Or writing poetry…

I was beginning to see things

I was creating a language to talk with spirit

Connecting with source was my lifeline.

And it was also scary

Maybe I was crazy?

So, again, I’d ask myself, “Why I couldn’t just be stupid?!”

And stop asking myself deep questions… stop going to fantom realities and just learn to be a good, normal girl.

Now I know that all those experiences were actually happening FOR me, not TO me.

I chose my mother.

I chose the experiences I went through to evolve as a soul.

I was born physic and intuitive.

That’s just who I am here to be.

And that’s what also helped me and protected me through years of abuse, mental emotional and physical.

I am grateful for who I am and who I was and who I was becoming.

Life is always happening for us, not to us…And after being in trauma for so long it’s easy to slip into the victim mentality.

I had to do the work.

I had to be willing to face my fear.

I had to be willing to walk into the fire 🔥..

And show up for me, so I can lead others.

It’s all a gift

Sometimes it’s just hard to see it until you begin to help others see their own gifts.


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Elisa Canali


Intuitive Business Mentor, Clairvoyant, Quantum Specialist, Master Human Design & Gene Keyes Expert

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