Is Thinking Karma Or Is Action Karma?…

Is Thinking Karma Or Is Action Karma?

Both, thinking as well as action are results of karma. They are the results of one’s past life deeds.

Akram Vignan explains, every facet of one’s current life is a result of their past life karma. One’s whole life is in the form of discharge of past karma. These comprise of every thought, action, and speech of ours.

Thoughts, speech, and action are all the fruits of past karma

The mind is our thoughts from our previous life. Thoughts arise to give the effect of past life’s causes in one’s current life. In this life, the mind is getting discharged. At the same time, a new mind is being created through one’s inner intent. The mind is constantly showing you things and getting exhausted (emptying).

Just like the mind, are our actions too the results of the past life causes? If you donate five hundred thousand with the inner intent that, ‘I wish I could have given more’, is it the same as donating the same amount unwillingly or under pressure?

If not, then what is the real law of karma?

Our inner intent is the real karma

The truth is, donating money willingly means you bind merit karma, and donating money unwillingly means you bind demerit karma, even if the act of donation is the same and the amounts donated too are equal.

Whatever actions you do, or words you speak, they are all a result of your past life’s karma. You had made the intent of donation in the past life; that was your real karma. And the act of donation in this life is the fruit of that karma.

Now, in this life, just the mere thought or the act of doing something good does not necessarily mean you bind merit karma. Your intention is what binds new karma, and this is the law of karma.

While experiencing the effect of your past life’s karma, you are simultaneously binding new karma too for your next life, depending on your inner intent. In this way, you become trapped in the perpetual cycle of birth and death. Even when one gives to charity or shows kindness; it is all karma bondage. Either way, you are constantly binding merit or demerit karmas.

The question that arises then is…

Is there a way whereby one can prevent the charging of future karmas?

Whatever one does without the right belief (the right belief of ‘who am I’ / Self-realisation) will lead to karmic bondage.

You can only become free from karma after you attain Self-realisation. While the wrong belief prevails – ‘I am this body and name’, you will continue to accumulate karmas. This is because you are dwelling in the false belief through ‘I am doing, I am thinking, I am feeling’ and so on.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a Spiritual Scientist, says, “One who does not join in with the unfolding karmic effects is a Self-realised being and one who is not Self-realised cannot indeed refrain from joining in with the unfolding karmic effects”, and He further explains, “The mind, speech, and body are effective, so the effect that one experiences, he believes as ‘this effect is mine’. This creates attachment-abhorrence and thus creates a karmic cause. But if one knows that the effect is ‘not mine’, then he will not have any attachment or abhorrence and consequently will not create karmic causes.”

Through Self-realisation, one learns to remain in one real Self during the unfolding of karma, regardless of whether they are good or bad, in a total state of equanimity and detachment.

Thus, once you realise the answer to the question ‘who am I’, what is my true form, and also get the right understanding of ‘who is the doer’?, then through the right knowledge, future karmas will stop from incurring.


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