Is There A Way To Stop Your Soul From Keep Being Reincarnated?…

Is There A Way To Stop Your Soul From Keep Being Reincarnated?

Whether one likes it or not, reincarnation does exist; it is indeed a hard fact of life!

Life after life, we all reincarnate into different life-forms and thereby progress on the path of evolution.

But when you ask, is there a way to stop being reincarnated, the answer is: Yes, there definitely is!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being shows us the way, “Who likes bondage? This path of evolution is like a prison. From the beginning till the end, it is like a prison. But when a person becomes aware, ‘I am free’, then he is freed from that prison. A person can become free when the illusion goes away and he attains enlightenment. Only a Gnani Purush (the Enlightened One) can make one have the awareness, ‘I am free’.”

You don’t have to hunt for a way to destroy your Soul, you just need a way to enlighten your Soul

There are two parts in this body:

1. One that is restless (transitory) and,

2. The other is still and steadfast (eternal).

The eternal part is the real Self. It is the Pure Soul that lies within each one of us. This Soul is an eternal element. Therefore, even if one wants to destroy it, one cannot. And why would one want to destroy it when he comes to know that the Soul is an abode of eternal bliss and is always free. Yes, it is only due to ignorance of the Self that the restless part has come into being.

We are bound only because of our ignorance of the Self. This ignorance is the root cause.

The knowledge that ‘I’ exist is present. But we do not have the right knowledge of ‘who am I?’ This is the main reason why we are caught and bound in the cycle of birth and death.

So, Param Pujya Dadashri suggests, “The one bound through ignorance of the Self (Agnan) can only be freed through the knowledge of the Self (Gnan).’ He elaborates, “When you get rid of the root cause, the rest of the causes will fall away automatically. When the root cause is destroyed, when ignorance leaves, the seeds for the next life will cease to be sown. As long as there is ignorance, there will be bondage.”

When Gnani cuts the ropes of ignorance that have kept you bound for infinite lives, then immediately, you will realize that you are free. The experience of the sense of freedom is enough. It is important that you experience the awareness that you have been freed. This liberation is no joke. It is very real. Gnani gives us that.

Currently a phenomenal path to Moksha (liberation) is at hand

Moksha means release or freedom from the cycle of birth and death. However, the beginning of moksha happens when you attain freedom from ignorance. Then, after a couple of lifetimes, comes the final stage of Moksha. But even at the moment of death during these couple of lifetimes, there will be absolute peace (Samadhi – deep meditation) within. And when alive, having the first stage of this moksha, you experience a sense of neutrality towards problems and miseries. Even amidst worldly unhappiness, you experience freedom from suffering and gradually you begin to experience the state of your own bliss. After this you will not stumble.

Currently, this first stage of moksha is possible through the path of Akram Vignan, right here in this birth itself, within just one hour, because it takes no time at all for a Gnani, the Enlightened One, to dispel ignorance with the light of Knowledge (Gnan). All that Gnani does is, he changes the direction of our ‘vision’ and makes us attain Self-Realization. This is the task of a Gnani Purush only. Without his divine grace, it is not possible! Gnani, through his divine grace, breaks the layers of ignorance that were blocking the vision of our Soul and we become aware of the Self. Once awakened, the awareness never leaves.

What makes this difference? It is the experience of the Soul. Before, one believed ‘I am the body’ whereas now, one is established as the Soul, the real Self. It is like on a hot summer day, when you feel a cool breeze, you can tell that there must be a block of ice close by, isn’t it? Similarly, here in Akram Vignan, one initially gets an indistinct experience of the Self. The moment one attains this experience, the worldly suffering ceases. Your anger, lust, greed, and pride (krodh-maan-maaya-lobh) begin to vanish. The internal suffering goes away. There will not be anymore adverse meditation. This then slowly increases to a clear and full experience and bliss of the Self.

Moksha Means Freedom from Reincarnation, Moksha Means a State of Eternal Bliss

A moment of bliss of the Siddha i.e. those who have attained final liberation is infinite. He does not get bound by anything. Who would come back to suffer in a mother’s womb then? Only God knows the kind of suffering there is in it. All suffering is experienced because of ignorance.

Everyone is looking for moksha but no one can find that path and thus people wander about within the four life forms. Gnani is the only one who has the all encompassing energy to swim across the ocean of ignorance and take others with Him. He is the only one who has attained the knowledge (Gnan) and gives others the same. When you attain Gnan from the Gnani Purush, ignorance will be lifted and you will be liberated. That which we cannot find through efforts of countless lifetimes, Gnani gives it to you in just one hour. Then you will feel that you have achieved your goal as a human being because it is only in the human form that one may attain moksha.

The quicker we attain Self-Realization, the better it is! Because even if just one life is wasted in the state of ignorance, it creates bondage for a hundred more lives, which means one has to reincarnate for hundred more times. Our topmost priority in this human birth therefore therefore ought to be to meet Gnani Purush who is the ultimate instrument to liberation and get our Pure Soul enlightened. And your question very clearly expresses your deep desire to take the path of liberation.

When one has a deep desire, he surely meets the bestower of Moksha. And whoever receives his grace and attains Self-Realization, he cannot stop himself from expressing the following feelings:

‘To Him we bow in eternal reverence, Who kindled in us Pure Light;

Every Soul is now a temple where bells chime, Jai Sacchidanand.’


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