Is The Virus A Punishment From God?…

Is The Virus A Punishment From God?

The world is battling with a virus that is spreading rapidly, and because of which we are having to face various challenges in every facet of our life. In such a situation, one’s intellect could come up with a question like, ‘Is this virus a punishment from God?’ So, let’s explore and find out what is actually the reality.

Virus – a punishment from God?!

God is the embodiment of love, isn’t it? Even a layman who truly loves, will never want to see his loved one suffer. Then how could God?.

Also, God is considered to be totally fair, just and impartial!

Then why is God punishing only some people and saving the rest? There are so many who are not at all affected by the virus; and there are some who do get caught but soon recover, whereas a few even die. So why is God punishing a few and being partial towards others? Can God be so unfair?

The fact of the matter is:

1. God is not someone who resides in heaven or skies and decides the rewards and punishments for every individual being. God actually resides in every living creature itself, whether visible or invisible. God is present in humans, in animals and trees, and in the virus too!

God is nothing but the ‘Pure Soul’ or the ‘Aatma’ that exists in each and every one of us. The inherent properties of God are ‘Infinite Knowledge’, ‘Infinite Vision’, ‘Infinite Energy’ and ‘Infinite Bliss’. God is like light! In the presence of the light, one may study, play or even fight. But the light never interferes in any of our actions, nor does it claim one to be good and the other as bad; it continues to give light whether you study or fight.

Similarly, the Soul or the God residing within each one of us does not interfere in anything that we do; it only gives light. It neither rewards nor punishes anyone for anything; it merely sees and knows whatever is happening and remains in eternal bliss!

2. It is the law of Nature that governs the act of rendering punishment for one’s bad deeds, and also rewarding one for his good deeds.

Just like when we throw a ball in the air, we do not require God to bring it back from the sky for us; the gravitational law of Nature governs the act of bringing the ball back; similarly when we think of people’s well-being, the Nature rewards our good deeds, and when our intention is that of hurting others, the same Nature punishes the bad deeds, naturally and automatically. Good deeds bring health, happiness and peace in life; and as a result of bad deeds, one will suffer. Hence, the reward or punishment that we experience is not from God; it is a natural result of one’s own past deeds, governed by the laws of Nature!

3. Based on one’s intentions, the deed is decided to be good or bad. Many times, a group of people get together and harness some particular intention. A result of such collective intention manifests collectively. Eg. a mass of people are together affected on account of a vengeance that was vowed together, and therefore they undergo the suffering collectively. However, even among a group of people, the intensity with which each of them harnessed vengeance may vary, and hence one suffers its consequences also accordingly. Eg. Presently the virus has taken a toll on a lot of people from different parts of the Earth; but some are mildly affected while some are severely!

However, while so many are suffering, there are thousands of people and even more, who are together praying collectively for the well-being of those affected. This generates a collective good karma, the results of which shall be strong and powerful!

Thus, virus is not a punishment from God; it is a consequence of one’s own doing! But past is past. No matter how severe the punishment may be, it can be improved by good intentions in our heart.

So, from today, let’s make a pure intention in the presence of God that, “May no living being be caused the slightest hurt through my thoughts, words or actions.” Repeat this as a prayer to God at least 5 times before you start your day! Over a period of time, you will witness enormous good results of this daily prayer.

What you can also do is, at night before going to sleep, close your eyes and scan where all you caused hurt to someone, maybe only in your thoughts or could be it came in words and your actions too. Confess every such mistake before God and ask for his forgiveness, “Oh God! I made such a mistake. Please forgive me for this mistake and grant me your divine strength so that I do not repeat this mistake ever again.”

The mistakes will continue to happen for they have been bound due to our ignorance. But the above two prayers, when done daily at least once, before starting our day and before going to sleep respectively, it will lessen the frequency and the intensity with which we usually caused hurt to others, knowingly or unknowingly; and thus reduce our liability for our future life, as a result of which we will not have to undergo punishments at the hands of Nature, be it in the form of some virus or anything else in the world!

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