Is The Soul Sitting Inside Us The Divine?…

Is The Soul Sitting Inside Us The Divine?

Yes, the Soul within is indeed divine!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened Spiritual Master has said,

“The Soul itself is God (the Divine)! ‘I am John (you may insert your own name here)’ is the realization that you have right now. And when you will realize ‘I am Soul’ (Self-Realization), that is when you will have the realization of God. The Soul verily is the God itself. Even your Soul is God, and his Soul is also God.

Parmatma (God, the Divine) resides in every living being

The divine Soul is sitting inside a goat and even inside a donkey there sits the same God. It is the very same Soul like ours.

However, the divinity is not expressed because of the thick layers of coverings sitting over the Soul. These coverings are in the form of deluding karmas that obscure the vision of our Soul. When no coverings whatsoever remain on one’s Soul, it is called the Absolute state. One who attains such state is referred to as God or Paramatma.

Gnanis behold the Divine Soul (Parmatma) that resides in each and every being.

To worship the Soul and God (the divine Absolute Soul) as being separate is the way of the worldly religions. And to worship the Soul and Parmatma as one and not separate, is the real religion that transcends beyond the world. From the real religion comes Moksha (ultimate liberation or freedom)!

The Separation Between ‘I’ (Atma, Soul) and ‘God’ (Parmatma) Disappears When Illusion Leaves

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan states, “When you have the awareness of ‘I am Soul’, then the separation between living being (jiva) and God (Shiva) has been broken.”

The living being seeks enjoyment from impermanent and perishable things as its faith and belief lies in the temporary things. However, God (the divine Self) has faith and belief only in the permanent and the indestructible i.e. its own eternal state! It has no value for the things that are destructible and impermanent. That is the only difference. Jiva (living entity) means that it is itself immersed in illusion. And when that illusion leaves, the delirium and obsession over impermanent things disappears and it itself becomes the Divine Self (Parmatma / God)!

The Soul is our real Self

“You may say, “I am John (you may insert your own name here)” But John is the name of the body. Should you not know ‘who am I’ in this body? It is that Self which you need to recognize…” suggests Dadashri.

One presently is ignorant of the Soul. At the moment, ‘I am John’ is the awareness we have; and not that of ‘I am the Soul.’

Eternal bliss is the inherent nature of our divine Soul!

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “Eternal happiness is within you. Your real Self i.e. the Soul is an abode of infinite bliss, and yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things!”

While material pleasures, by their inherent nature, are temporary and insatiable; the Soul is eternal and so are its properties. Fame, money, possessions, etc. do give comfort and happiness for a while, but it can never yield ever-lasting happiness like the Soul does. For this reason, the essence of all scriptures and spiritual teachings is just one: Get your Soul awakened i.e. Attain Self-Realization!

Attain Self-Realization!

The Soul cannot be seen with physical eyes nor can it be completely described in words. We can see it only with the help of the Living Gnani!!!

Gnani is the Enlightened One, whose own Soul is awakened and who has the divine power to awaken other’s Soul too. With the grace of such Gnani, our divine Vision opens up and we attain Self-Realization.

So come, let’s go to Gnani, and from him, attain the vision through which we too can see the divine Soul sitting inside us and in every living being.


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