Are Our Present Life Situations Due To Past Life Karma?…

Are Our Present Life Situations Due To Past Life Karma?

Don’t we, the most intelligent species in the Universe, live an utmost uncertain and paradoxical life? Externally, social media can give us an artificial sense of pride. But at the same time, we are internally doomed by daily life situations, feeling trapped in a cycle of illusions and delusions, becoming an artificial ‘I’.

Facing a constant defeat by resentment of past, arguments with the present, and allurement of the future, our life acts like a knife, thrashing our own happy existence.

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Intelligent to Interrogative ‘I’

Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Space nourish and flourish the entire living biota, but only we are worried by mental ailments: When, Why, Where, How, Who?

On the personal front, we strive our best to achieve life goals, but any delays or denials make us cry, ‘when will I?’ Having to face trials and turbulences, we immediately sigh, ‘why me?’ All the scriptures express ‘those who compare are despaired’; yet totally opposite to it, we play the constant mind game of zenith or beneath and torture ourselves with ‘where am I?’ Being tired of the ‘success-failure’ roller coaster ride and desiring only the peak we plan, we are constantly meditating on ‘how can I?’

It is most evident that Mother Nature has never been partial to rich or poor, weak or strong, intelligent or otherwise. Her boons (light, water, wind, soil) or banes (pandemics, flood, famine, and earthquakes) have been equally bestowed upon all the earthlings for ages. Yet, there has been a vast disparity between haves and haves-not section of our society. This makes us ponder upon the most rudimentary question, if earthly parents strive so hard to provide the best of best to their children, so is it not surprisingly contradictory for the supreme parent, God/Goddess, to punish his/her own children with all the sufferings of life? Our intelligence fails to answer our own intellect and an avalanche of interrogations are set in. Eventually we get dragged to the shores of ultimate query of ‘who am I?’

Interrogative to Infinite ‘I’

The existence of a question itself is coined with its own answer; the only need is to decipher it. Entangled by these basic yet complex interrogations, we tap every old and new science of either philosophy or psychology, to calm the inner turmoil and be peaceful and blissful. By the Law of Physical Science, ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ and this principle is valid whether any action/karma is actively performed by a doer, or is passive and spontaneous in nature. On the same lines, the cosmic dictum of every religion or creed preaches, ‘do good and get good’, and the opposite of the same is equally effective too.

But contrary to this, we witness situations, both in our personal and professional life, defy this law. So many times, we witness that a genuine person performing humble deeds all his life, suffers the most. Newly born infants, unable to do any anything, go through tragic health consequences, and at times even death. As sheer luck, sometimes we are handsomely rewarded for doing nothing, and mostly even with sincere hard work, we face utter failure and feel cursed.

As a normal practice, to rectify our mistakes, we start tracing back the ‘past actions’ to identify the source of error. To get the solutions for our present life errors, when we employ the same methodology, we realize the presence of invisible and invincible factors causing the failures. Here opens the new chapter of infinite vast-past, challenging and compelling us to believe in a mosaic of multi-layered errors which are ready to serve us until it’s completely utilized/settled by us or through us.

The melancholy of this infinite karma concept is so profound that we dive deep with perplexity in the ocean called life. The very acronym of LIFE – ‘living in felicity of eternals’ gets reversed and eccentric, and we start ‘living in fear of externals’! We realize our obsolete state and crave for the answers to our infinite interrogations on past karma and its correlation with our present life.

Obsolete to Absolute ‘I’

Neither any phenomenon nor any noumenon alone can express the enigmatic concept of life and karma. Also external interventions can never transform us, only through our own internal illumination, enlightened by Spiritual Guru/Master, we get the ultimate awareness, Self-realization. This incredible conversion requires both the accurate scientific procedure and an ardent expert. For ages, great scholars of the spiritual realm, belonging to different religions and beliefs, have perfected the procedures of Self-realization for the benefit of humankind.

But we fumble not only about the selectivity and authenticity of these ancient, various procedures but also being a socialite and not the hermit; we doubt our own capacity to undergo rigorous training.

What is Karma?

  • People label all actions as ‘karma’, but in reality, the activity they see is really the fruit of karma, not the actual karma itself.
  • Supporting any action, with the claim, ‘I am doing it’ is karma. Claiming the ‘doership’ of that action binds karma.
  • The intention of giving happiness to others binds good karma and the intention of hurting others will bind bad karma. It is only through intent and not through action that karma is bound.

Why do I suffer?

Your life is the end result of your own karma of punya (good karma) and paap (bad karma). If a person suffers, it is because of his own mistakes. When you receive praise that is because of your punya, and when you receive insults, that is the result of your paap. [4]

Is my present due to past life Karma?

  • Causes of the last life are the Effects of this life.
  • The results reflect our past cause. In life, we can determine from the effect or outcome, what the causes were, for our mistakes. All the events that come together are results- and based on these results, we can deduce the cause behind them.
  • When people do raag-dwesh (attachments-abhorrence), they are planting causes that give rise to new karma. So, the causes that were created in your past life bring fruits to you, in this life.
  • Whatever you have to endure by the acts of others is because of a karma account from your past life. You do not know where this account came from, so you assume it is something new being directed at you. Everything happens because of past accounts.
  • It is merely the old karma (previous life karma) coming back to you. The person who hurts you or the person who brings you joy, are both instruments (nimit). The other person is only nimit to settle your karmic account of your past life. He is not at fault.
  • Therefore, fault is of the sufferer.

Who is truly responsible?

  • People receive suffering, which are ‘due’ on them according to their karmic account. If you are suffering, it is because of your own fault. No one else is to be blamed.
  • There is no one in this world who can inflict the slightest of suffering on you, and if someone does; it is your mistake only.
  • No one can harm or harass anyone else in this world. The harassment you experience in your life is a result of your own harassment from your past life. When at the root of everything is your own fault, does the entire world not become nirdosh (without faults)?
  • No one has the power to take anything away, and if anything is taken away; it is because of previous accounts (past life karma)
  • Nobody is responsible for ‘you’. ‘You’ are whole and sole responsible for yourself


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