Is The Life Of A Celibate Person More Than 100 Years?…

Is The Life Of A Celibate Person More Than 100 Years?

A celibate person’s body is indeed strong, healthy and good looking; and he would live longer too!

What Do You Want to Do Of the Long Life Is Of Prime Importance.

What is the goal of this long life? All Enlightened beings say that the ultimate goal of human life is to attain Self-Realization i.e. to know really ‘who am I?’ Anyone who attains this goal and realizes that, ‘I am a Pure Soul’, the life of such a person, be it a celibate or not a celibate person, is much more than 100 years’, for he actually becomes ‘eternal’. Yes, eternal!

It is because the Soul is an eternal element. And that verily is our real identity.

Is Self-Realization An Easy Task?

Not at all! In fact, Self-Realization is one of the most difficult things to attain. One has to put in enormous spiritual efforts and do a lot of penance before one can get there. But if we are fortunate enough to receive the direct grace of the Enlightened One for the purpose, it becomes the easiest!

Today, through Akram Vignan, which is also known as the stepless path to Self-Realization, we can attain Self-Realization with direct grace of Gnani, the Enlightened One, in just forty-eight minutes!!! This obviously has no monetary cost involved in it since it is with utmost compassion that Gnani bestows this knowledge onto us. There is no selfish or personal interest of his; on the contrary it is a selfless service he renders for our own good, for our salvation. Hence, it is priceless and unmatched!

In fact, although on a much smaller scale, but the life of every celibate person too is ideally meant for doing something similar i.e. to serve the cause of salvation of the world.

The Goal of a Celibate Person Should be to Use the Mind, Body and Speech for the Good of Others

If a person were to follow this goal, he would attain liberation, beyond which there is nothing more to attain.

Pujya Deepakbhai explains, “After attaining Self-Realization, the only goal to keep is, ‘now that I am a Pure Soul, the mind, speech and body are not mine. These mind, speech and body are made up of atoms which I have acquired from the world. So I now give them back to the world by using them in the service of and for the salvation of the people of this world, so that my responsibility can end there and I finally attain salvation then.”

Service To The Self (The Soul) Is Even A Higher Service

The primary prerequisite of service to the Self is to not hurt any living being. The one who serves the Self does not hurt anyone; not even when others hurt him. Not only that, he will never wish them ill.

At every point in life, being a pure Soul, he keeps himself separate from the ego.

A lot of things fall under this main quality of not hurting anyone. It includes celibacy too. Non-celibacy is tantamount to hurting someone. With non-celibacy, service to others ceases. Other characteristics of a person rendering service to the Self are that one does not lie, steal, commit violence or hoard money. Hoarding money and other material things too is a kind of violence as it hurts others. Almost everything is encompassed in this service to the Self.

Celibacy Should Be Practiced With Understanding

Celibacy, when practiced with right understanding, yields beautiful results in the form of person’s physical, spiritual and intellectual progress. And when this progress is used to experience one’s Self, one can go about achieving the Self without much difficulty! To learn more, you may read the book that’s freely available at

To constantly remain the Self is the pure celibacy. And when you are Self, your life becomes eternal!


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