Is Severe Self-Discipline Essential To Self-Realization?…

Is Severe Self-Discipline Essential To Self-Realization?

Severe self-discipline is NOT essential to Self-Realization, when attained through Akram Vignan.

There are two paths which lead to ultimate liberation.

Kram is a traditional step-by-step path. This path requires one to renounce their worldly life and material possessions, and perform severe penances and follow strict rituals, with a purpose to conquer their inner weakness such as anger, pride, deceit, greed, attachment and abhorrence, which inhibit one’s progress on the path of liberation. The knowledge of the Self (Self-Realization) here, manifests in proportion to the weaknesses one totally overcomes.

The spiritual science of Akram Vignan however is a step-less and exception path to attain Self-Realization. It does not require one to renounce their family members, material belonging or perform strict rituals to attain Self-Realization; rather it begins by acquiring the Self, the Soul (Self-Realization).

Once one has acquired the understanding of ‘Who am l’ (Self-Realization), one gradually begins the journey of developing into the true form of the Self. All of this is done through understanding only, and hence, there is no need for severe self-discipline!

After attainment of the knowledge of the Self, one experiences liberation in two stages

The first stage of liberation is when ongoingly one feels a sense of freedom from their worldly problems, whether these problems are physical, mental or a result of some external factors. Regardless of the depth of suffering, one remains detached and in bliss from within.

The second stage of moksha (liberation) is acquired when all pending karmas are totally exhausted meaning cleared and one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death.

How to attain Self-Realization through Akram Vignan?

Self-Realization can only be attained from a Living Gnani, the Enlightened being, who holds the divine power to bestow this priceless knowledge of the Self onto others.

The Enlightened being:

• puts in the line of demarcation between the body and the Soul. The wrong belief of ‘I am the body and name’ is thus broken and the right understanding of ‘I am pure Soul’ is established.

• further provides the real understanding of ‘who is the doer’ in this world. With this, the wrong belief of ‘I am the doer’, which formed the basis of charging of new karmas, begins to dissolve.

How can one remain in the real Self i.e. the Soul?

Currently one believes ‘I am really John/Sarah and I am the body’ and therefore experiences suffering, misery and happiness in life. But when one attains the scientific knowledge of the Self, one realizes that ‘I am really a Pure Soul’. With this understanding, one is able to solve the day-to-day worldly life problems in a perfect manner such that no new karma is bound.

Akram Vignan is all about developing the right understanding.

On this path, one is not required to practice severe self-discipline. It enlightens one with the scientific principles and facts which help grow the right understanding within us!

To conclude,

On the path of Akram Vignan, one first attains Self-Realization with the divine grace of the Living Gnani!!! And therafter, staying in His benevolent guidance, one learns to apply the scientific principles of Akram Vignan in their worldly interactions such that over time, he gradually becomes competent to settle each circumstance or relationship with equanimity, without creating any kind of division or conflict with anyone, internally or externally.


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