Is Self-Realization Is The Simplest And Most Obvious Truth In The World?…

Is Self-Realization Is The Simplest And Most Obvious Truth In The World?

Self-realization indeed is the simplest and the ultimate truth, for it’s regarding our own Self, the real Self, which is ‘Soul’. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, founder of Akram Vignan, the Spiritual Science, says, “The greatest wonder of this world is the Soul. Once that is attained, everything is attained.”

Why then does majority of Earth’s population believe themselves to be the body and their personality?

It is because they have not attained Self-realization as yet; meaning they have not yet experienced that really ‘who am I?’. Hence, they continue to believe themselves to be the owner of the body, their name and their personality.

There are numerous reasons why one may have not attained Self-Realization, some of which are:

1. Not everyone knows what does Self-realization mean.

2. Not everyone understands why is it important to attain Self-realization.

3. Not everyone is aware of an easy path to Self-Realization.

4. There are many who are happy living their present materialistic life, and hence don’t even bother to seek the ultimate truth of Self-realization.

5. Although one has an intense desire for it, one has somehow not been able to attain it yet.

Let’s deal with these reasons one-by-one…

What does Self-Realization mean?

Self-Realization means to know our real Self. It is an experiential understanding of really ‘who am I?’

Owing to ignorance of the Self, we all believe ourselves to be the body, the name or the personality. But when we attain Self-Realization, we realize that really, “I am only a Pure Soul.’

Why is it important to attain Self-realization?

Suppose your name is John. And one day, you happen to overhear someone saying bad about John. This would greatly upset you, isn’t it? But in a while, you realize that the person was talking about a different person named John. After this realization, would you feel bad anymore? No, because you now know that ‘I am not the one who was condemned, that was a different entity altogether. They were talking bad about him and not me.’

This is what happens when we attain Self-Realization! We experientially realize that ‘I am not John, I am a Pure Soul, a different element altogether. While John is my worldly identity, Pure Soul is indeed the real Self.’ After this realization, we, being the Soul, do not suffer anymore! Moreover, in one corner within, the experience of the constant bliss of Soul prevails all the time!!

How to attain Self-Realization?

One’s general impression is that to attain Self-Realization, one needs to forsake the family ties and worldly obligations, has to renounce his house, his job, all money, etc. and leading the life that of a recluse, he has to do hard penance and fasting, perform severe austerities and rituals. This definitely doesn’t seem feasible to everyone and hence one doesn’t bother to even traverse that path.

But what if we can achieve Self-Realization while staying with our family and friends, and without having to leave anybody or anything whatsoever?

Yes, it is possible through Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, who is gifted with the special divine powers to bestow the knowledge of the Self on those seeking to be liberated!!!

In Akram Vignan – the stepless path to liberation, Self-Realization can be received directly with the grace of the Gnani Purush in matter of just one hour, when he puts in the line of demarcation between the Self (Pure Soul) and the worldly self (the body and the personality of John) that people know us to be. We can find more details on the subject at

Why attain Self-Realization when one is already happy living a materialistic life?

We all want happiness. But what kind of happiness do we desire? – one that stays with us for a while and then goes away, or that which remains with us forever? Obviously, the permanent one, isn’t it?!

Such happiness is called eternal happiness, the real happiness which is never followed by any pain or suffering and which never fades away. This is what we achieve when we attain Self-Realization!! We believe I am this body, but really we are not. The body perishes one day; whereas we, the Soul, remain even thereafter. We are permanent and so is the happiness derived from the permanent Self i.e. the Soul. Just think about it – no matter how wealthy or famous we become, do we know for how long? But once we attain the Soul, we know for sure, eternal happiness is ours forever!

Meeting the Gnani!

Self-Realization can only be acquired by meeting the Living Gnani – only the Enlightened one can enlighten our Soul!!!

Liberation calls for no efforts if one is fortunate enough to come in communion with a Gnani. However, extremely difficult and rare is such a communion. And thousand times more difficult is one’s ability to recognize a Gnani. If ever an opportunity arises of meeting the Gnani and a connection is established with Him, then liberation is right in your hand.

So, if you have an ardent desire to acquire the knowledge of the Absolute Truth, allow the prompting spirit of ‘I seek the Truth … the Ultimate Truth, I seek Gnani, the real Gnani’ to be an integral part of your being. Express your desire in your daily prayer to God and Nature shall help you soon meet the circumstance to meet the Gnani!! Wishing you goodluck…


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