Is Life Pre-Destined? What Role Does Our Hard Work And Will Power Play In It?…

Is Life Pre-Destined? What Role Does Our Hard Work And Will Power Play In It?

This indeed is a puzzling question. The sooner we get clarity on this, the better it is for us on the way forward.

You are right in saying that life is pre-destined based on our karmas brought forth from our past life. However, there are a couple of other arguments too that ought to be considered.

1. Firstly, life is pre-destined, but we do not know what is in our destiny, do we?

2. Secondly, just like our past karmas determine our present destiny, similarly our present karmas determine our future destiny; agree?

1. Life is pre-destined, but we do not know what is in our destiny!

No one precisely knows what one’s destiny will be. Do we have the ability to predict the final outcome in a given situation? No. We may only speculate, but we cannot say for sure.

Besides destiny is just one of the aspects that determines a particular outcome; there are many other factors too, that come into play such as time, nature, karma and even effort on our part. Therefore, we must continue to make every effort to work hard, along with maintaining a firm determination to bring about a positive outcome in every situation we come across in life.

Let’s see how our willpower and hard work plays a vital role at every point in life.

● You develop a positive mind-set towards life.

● You are able to combat difficulties because of your ‘can-do’ attitude and strong resolve.

● You live with a satisfied feeling as you know you have given it all.

● You have the power to face an untoward outcome, should things go the other way from what you expected, and the willingness to never give up, but put in good hard work required during such testing times, to improve the situation in whatever way you can. This happens due to the right mind-set to accept the end result, whatever it may be; and look for solutions that can bring about a result you would be happier with.

● Strong willpower equips you to overcome any kind of difficulties or challenges in life.

● Nature helps those who remain positive, work hard and remain sincere to the goals they have in life.

● Virtues such as strong determination, commitment and hard work are on the side of positivity.

On the other hand, if we harness a mind-set that it’s futile to put in hard work or have strong willpower since everything is pre-destined, we become weaker and thereby easily feel mentally and physically down in any unexpected situation, no matter how trivial it may be. This is because we lack the ability which comes with the willpower and hard work to accept and fight out the challenges which life has to offer. Our mind becomes lethargic as it remains idle. Even a simple thing like getting up early in the morning seems like a great effort. Furthermore, when circumstances are bad we may tend to react very badly, and as a result, feel frustrated, annoyed and defeated in life.

2. Just like past karmas determine present destiny, similarly our present karmas determine our future destiny.

As discussed in point 1, our willpower and hard work do not go futile; they in fact keep us mentally happier, encouraged and personally active in life. Additionally, when we have, on our part, made every positive effort, it yields best results in the long run because when one sides with a positive intent, he sows the seeds, the fruits of which, shall be surely good in future.

Thus, to conclude, one triumphs in life through an unshakable willpower, dedication and positive thinking. When you have a positive intent, you are presently strong and happy and in effect you are changing your future life too for the better. Hence, one must never become lazy and weak by blindly depending on the ‘life is pre-destined’ notion, for this is a highly risky proposition that can pull you down, not only in your current life but also for your future life.


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