Is Karmic Debt Transferable?…

Is Karmic Debt Transferable?

No. It is not transferrable. You have to suffer the fruits of karmas yourself, be it the good ones or the bad ones. You cannot give it to others nor can anybody take this away from you!

If you want to take away your mother’s bad karma and add it to your karma, that will not happen. If your mother is suffering from cancer, there is no way you can take away her miseries or transfer her cancer onto yourself. She has to suffer her miseries herself. If fruit of her karma is bad, then she will not receive any help from Doctors, medicines, or supportive care. On the other hand, if fruit of her karma is good, then she may be relieved by help of medicines, Doctors and supportive care and she can become 100% free from cancer too.

There is a difference between ‘fruits of karmas’ and ‘karmas.’ Going to work, doing charity, performing good deeds and religious activities are all ‘fruits of karmas’, whereas ‘karmas’ are bound based on our ‘intents’. If your father is destined to die at the age of 50, then nobody can add his age or subtract it. You may pray and demand that please give my age to my father. However, that will not happen. He will die at age 50. And you will bind good karma for making positive ‘intent’ for your father. In next life, you will get a positive return in your life for this prayer.

Let me give you another example: Say a wealthy businessman goes to a charity home and donates 5 lakh rupees. Seeing this, his friend tells him, “Don’t donate money here; they are all thieves and embezzlers.” The businessman tells his friend, “Yes, I know they are thieves. I would not have given them any money, but because of my relative, I am forced to give it.” Due to this ‘intent’ of the businessman, in next birth, the businessman won’t be able to give money even if he tries too! On the other hand, when a poor man donates petty amount with a very rich ‘intent’ that, “I am giving only 50 rupees in donation, but if I had money, I would give them 5 lakhs”, in next birth, the poor man is able to donate 5 lakh rupees! And as a result, he will progress well. So, the internal ‘intents’ are the karmas and whatever you see externally are all ‘fruits of those karmas’.

Ultimately, what we have to learn is that we cannot plus or minus anybody else’s karmas or even our own karmas! These karmas were bound in the past life; so its fruits will come in this life for sure. You cannot delete or transfer these karmas.

Once you understand the science of karma, you will not have any repercussions or fear. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed about the ‘events’ in your life then.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that you go to and read the book named “Science of karma”. It is available for a free download at Therein you will learn several facts about what is karma, what are the effects of karma, can we take over the other person’s misery, who controls the karma, etc. It is a small book and I read it in one go! Hope you enjoy reading it as well.


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