Is It Wrong To Aspire High In Life If One Also Wants To Pursue The Path Of Spirituality?…

Is It Wrong To Aspire High In Life If One Also Wants To Pursue The Path Of Spirituality?

In this world, almost everyone, in their own means, is aspiring for something higher in life. We are encouraged to get good grades in academics, aim for the gold medal in sports or other competitions, and taught not to give up until we complete a given activity in the best possible way. However, almost all spiritual discourses preach the importance of contentment and advise us to learn to be happy with whatever we have.

Does This Mean That Having High Aspirations Is Counterproductive To Spiritual Progress?

Come, let us together explore!

When we talk about aspiring high in life, it is with an intention to attain happiness, isn’t it? Pujya Deepakbhai describes this to be a part of the development process that every Soul goes through in this world.

He explains how in this world, there are three divisions:

1. Completely covered Souls,

2. The developing Souls in their different stages of development, and

3. Completely liberated Souls, having attained the salvation stage.

Thus, this world is all about “the development of Soul from one sense to five senses, from one degree to 360 degrees, from the stage of complete darkness to the stage of full light!” says Pujya Deepakbhai.

How Does This Development Actually Take Place?

Pujya Deepakbhai elaborates on the development process, saying, in the initial stage, there is total darkness owing to the complete covering on the Soul. The Soul is totally covered with atoms such that not a single ray of knowledge and vision is able to come out.

When scientific circumstantial evidences come together, some covering breaks and life as one sense creature gets started. Then development takes place from one sense to two senses, after so many lives one further develops from two sensed living being to three sensed living being, after many more lives four senses develop, thereafter from four senses to five senses, and then one gets life in human form.. Even in human form, there are many layers of development.

However, the development so far is all in the sphere of relative knowledge and relative happiness only. Due to ignorance of the Self (i.e. not knowing that “I am really a Pure Soul), one fails to know where lies the real happiness? And therefore one keeps searching for happiness in all worldly things, and that is how all of the relative development takes place. In the relative world, right from the beginning, there is ego and there is ignorance. Throughout, it is the development of the ego that is taking place.

However, ultimately one realizes, “Oh there is no happiness in the relative world, there should be permanent happiness in Soul then!” At this stage, one happens to meet the Enlightened person who gives him the knowledge of Self-Realization that really you are a Pure Soul!!!

After Self-Realization, One’s Ego Gets Dissolved and the Awareness of the Soul Begins

With this, the charging of new karma (coverings of atoms on the Soul) stops. Thereafter, slowly-slowly following the Enlightened person’s words, all old karma (atoms that were already charged prior to Self-Realization) discharges, the Soul gets liberation i.e. the ultimate salvation.


The reason why one aspires high in life is owing to one’s development that is taking place from:

● the beginning of the journey (the total darkness stage) to the human form; and

● in the human, from 1 degree to 300 degrees; and

● after Self-Realization, in the shelter of the Enlightened One, one pursues the path of spirituality and develops from 300 to 360 degrees i.e. the full light form.

These are all stages of development that every living creature has to pass through.

Hence there is nothing wrong or right about it! As one aspires high in life, one continues to progress in his development; and finally when one comes to realize how futile it is to run behind temporary things, one begins to aspire for the permanent Soul in life. He aspires to pursue the path of spirituality then! And that is when an Enlightened person enters in his life, holds his hand, and makes him reach the highest stage of Soul, that he was aspiring for on the path of spirituality.

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