Is It True That Our Life Partner Is Chosen By God?…

Is It True That Our Life Partner Is Chosen By God?

Absolutely not! Why would God take on the liability of selecting a partner for us? If he was to take on the responsibility then if things go wrong, we will immediately blame him. God does not take on the liability of choosing our life partner, rather the responsibility lies with us.

How? In our past life through our intention, we had sown seeds that we would like a partner with certain characteristics and virtues, and in our current life, we will meet someone with similar characteristics to marry.

Karmas are bound based on the intents.

While in daily interaction with people and situations, our external display of emotion is immaterial. However, our internal intent of attachment or abhorrence — this inner reaction of ours while doing the interaction becomes the ‘cause’ for binding new karma.

This karma gets discharged in the next life as an ‘effect’. While experiencing each effect, one creates new causes. The cycle of cause and effect is perpetuated in this manner. Therefore, one should always remain alert and be careful about their intentions!

In fact, it is not only about finding a life partner but all that we experience through our five senses in our life are actually an effect of karmas we had created in our past life. Finding a partner, marrying a partner or for that matter, eating, sleeping, working are all fruits or effects of karma. Based on the seed karmas that were sown in the past life, the fruits in the form of these activities automatically happen in this life.

So, if you have sown seeds of securing a life partner and getting married, then you will do so in this very life. Similarly, if you have not made such intentions, then no matter how hard you try it will not work out!

What is our role in choosing a life partner?

Although the life partner is pre-determined through our past life causes, we do not know who our determined life partner is. We therefore will have to carry out the process of ‘choosing the partner in our life’.

Here are some important factors to consider while selecting a life partner:

Focus on the person’s inner beauty rather than the visible beauty you see.

Choose someone who is honest, trustworthy, and sincere.

Select a partner who you think will remain committed, no matter what kind of difficulties you may have to face in life together; one who is interested or involved in religion or spirituality, who respects your parents and vice-versa and who seems sincere and morally right.

Make certain that your future partner does not have bad habits like gambling, drug, or alcohol issues.

Beware that you can never change someone, you have to accept them just the way they are!

Ask your parents and very close friends about what they think of the person you are thinking of settling down with.

Once you have decided to settle down with someone, that’s your partner for life, the partner for a lifetime! A successful relationship stems from commitment, loyalty, and sincerity.

Always steer clear from holding on to your opinions and manage to keep your expectations in control. Be open in communication.

Never rush when selecting a partner, take your time and be 100% sure that this is the one!


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