Is It Possible To Attain Moksha Without Worshipping Or Believing In God?…

Is It Possible To Attain Moksha Without Worshipping Or Believing In God?

Worshipping and believing in God is essential for the progression towards attaining moksha; otherwise one will be lost in the worldly life and thus one will be unable to find a path which can lead him towards moksha.

When we worship God with genuine love and devotion in our heart, the seeds of merit karma are sown. These seeds result in bringing worldly happiness in our next life such that we get good parents, a good home, a good life, good money, good luck, a good religion and a positive environment too. All of these get attained easily and effortlessly as we amassed merit karmas by believing in God and worshipping Him with complete faith and devotion.

Furthermore, when we are surrounded by such a good environment, our thoughts are elevated. We rise higher in our spiritual development, and as a result, bind more merit karmas which yield further better results. When extraordinary merit karmas get credited in our karmic account, we are able to meet a Gnani, the Enlightened One, in person, who opens up our path of liberation!!!

Gnani Alone Has The Ability To Bestow The Gift Of Moksha

A Gnani is crucial to attaining moksha. He is the enlightened being present amidst us. He dwells in the realm of the Self. He is free from all the bondages of worldly life and He has the wonderful gift of bestowing liberation onto others.

“Worshipping ‘Gnani Purush’ (Enlightened one) is equal to worshipping the Pure Soul and it is indeed the same as the worship of Parmatma (Absolute Supreme Soul), and that is the main cause for moksha (ultimate liberation).”- Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

If you want liberation from all karma i.e. you want the final moksha, then you must first become free from ignorance of the Self. Ignorance, as in the false belief of, ‘l am the body and I am the doer.’ Owing to this wrong belief, one continues to bind karmas. And until one keeps binding new karmas, it is not possible to attain moksha.

It is only after Self-Realization that ignorance leaves and the right knowledge sets in. Through the knowledge of the Self, one’s journey on the path of moksha begins. To read more on this, you may please visit

There are 2 stages of moksha:

1) The first stage of moksha can be experienced in this life itself. Upon attaining the pure Self, you will experience a sense of freedom from unhappiness. Things will be simpler and straightforward; internal peace will increase day by day and you will find freedom from the effects of karma.

2) The second stage of moksha is acquired when you actually become free from all karma. This is when every single karma has been ‘Seen and Known’ through the perspective of the Self and dissolved. Consequently, the ultimate liberation of the Soul is attained, resulting in a bodiless stage as the Soul resides in Siddha Kshetra (the permanent abode of absolutely liberated Souls).

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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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