Is It Noble To Be A Vegetarian And Evil To Be A Non Vegetarian In India And Hinduism?…

Is It Noble To Be A Vegetarian And Evil To Be A Non Vegetarian In India And Hinduism?

Food is the basic need in life which gets us going, providing us with all the essential minerals, vital vitamins and sufficient amounts of energy required for our smooth and healthy functioning in daily life.

Modern science has been researching a lot into the kinds of foods one should eat and their effects in our body. However, our ancient saints have already provided the most scientific and authentic information regarding the basic foods and food habits that one should cultivate to live a life free of all illnesses.

India is one of the most spiritually elevated places where the doors of salvation are open for each and every individual. It is a country where various sacred practices are followed as a part of religion. These sacred practices hold a lot of scientific truth and spiritual meaning in them.

Let’s look at one such humble sacred practice and that is ‘Eat vegetarian. Never have an opinion in favor of nor encourage your friends and relatives to eat non-vegetarian food’.

Why is it not noble to have nonvegetarian food while it’s ok with killing plants and having vegetarian food?

As we all know, man cannot survive without eating food; it is vital to our body. However, only one-sensed living beings can be eaten because they are the ones, which after going into our digestive system get metabolized into many other substances like: carbohydrates, proteins and fats yielding us the energy to move around as well as the body to carry out its basic functions.

Let’s understand this from a spiritual perspective too:-

One of the basic principles of humanity is that one shouldn’t hurt any living being as far as possible. Therefore Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being has emphasized that if you want to elevate yourself in the spiritual realm, you should stop eating nonvegetarian food. The knowledge says that when we eat non vegetarian, we are contributing to that animal’s slaughter and suffering, and thereby attracting sinful karma.


Param Pujya Dadashri has said: There are different levels of living beings in this world. Grains, pulses, plants, etc. have only one sense developed, even vegetables have only one sense developed, while animals, birds, etc. have more than one sense developed.

When we eat living beings with more than one-sense, we become much more liable and accountable for that animal’s slaughter. It is like we are becoming equally responsible for that animals’ death. Whereas in eating plants, the liability is negligible as they are the dormant, one-sensed living beings. The suffering in the form of fear at the time of death felt by the one-sensed developed beings is much less as compared to the animals who are slaughtered.

So, the amount of sins that we accumulate when we kill more than one-sensed living beings is much, much higher than when we kill and eat plants (one-sensed living beings) as food. Hence it is considered evil to be a non-vegetarian. Almost every religion that prevails in India considers this evil. Further, when we eat non-vegetarian food, our karmic account bound with that particular animal’s slaughter becomes the reason for our wandering for infinite lives.

On the other hand, when we eat vegetarian food, it is considered to be noble because when we eat plants or vegetables, the living beings are of course being killed; however, they gain our energy too, with the help of which, they are able to ascend to their next level of development. This is how this science works…

To survive in this world, we need to eat something or the other. And one can eat only living things. Amongst all other living beings, eating the one-sensed living being attracts minimum amount of karma (liability in the form of future suffering) as we have caused least hurt to these living beings. Additionally, after eating food, we meditate and work for our progress on the path of spirituality. This further helps one-sensed living beings. Hence it is okay to kill and eat plants, and furthermore, it is considered to be a noble act.

There is a lot of karmic obstruction that comes in the way after having non vegetarian food; and the ability to grasp the Real knowledge diminishes drastically, dooming one down in the spiritual development. For people who have eaten non vegetarian, you can notice that after eating non vegetarian, the inner intuition or the inner awareness and stability reduces immensely.

Scientifically our bodies are not made to eat and digest these non vegetarian foods. The claws, the teeth, the digestive system are all very different from what we have. So, one can never remain healthy and comfortable by eating non-vegetarian food.

Our ancient texts too have depicted a lot of connection between food and our overall well being, telling us that having vegetarian food is necessary for our spiritual upliftment and physical wellbeing. Hence it is okay to kill and eat plants but not animals, although the two are living beings only.


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