Is It Human Actions Which Determine Our Destiny Or Is It Already Decided?…

Is It Human Actions Which Determine Our Destiny Or Is It Already Decided?

In general terms, karma means a human action. However, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has explained that karma is not merely an action; in fact every karma happens in a 3 stage process.

Let’s see how:-

For example,

1. Today, I intend to donate some alms to the needy. This is called a karma seed.

2. Consequently, in my next life, my action automatically will be that of donating alms to the needy. It is because this is a karma fruit i.e. a fruit of the karma seed that I had sown in my past life.

3. As a result, I will be respected as a donor in the eyes of the people of the society. This is called a karma fruit result i.e. the result of the action performed by me.

Thus, the science of karma operates in these 3 stages i.e. karma seed, karma fruit and karma fruit result. And since the karma in this example is all about giving happiness to others, it is called a good karma or a merit karma, which is destined to bring loads of happiness in our life.

Let’s take another example to understand this better:-

Suppose we see someone being deceptive at his workplace and telling lies in order to get his things done.

Since we now know how the science of karma operates, we understand that his actions are an effect of the inner intent done by him in past life that, ‘it is fine to lie to make things work to my benefit.’ This karma seed has caused the person’s action of deceiving others for his own benefit.

And as a result when people do not trust him and they shun him, we understand that this was destined to happen as his karma fruit result. Since the intention of that person was bad, it is called a bad karma or a demerit karma, which are destined to bring pain and suffering in one’s life.

Thus, the root cause of karma is our deep inner intent that decides our actions and designs our destiny for next life!

The entire science of karma is governed by the laws of Nature. Based on the karma seed, the karma fruit gets decided and the karma fruit result is remitted by Nature. We were destined to perform the action of donating alms since we had strongly intended to do so in our past life. And we were destined to be rewarded by Nature in the form of the love and respect we received from people.

Thus, It is our inner intent of past life that decides our present human actions, which in turn determines our destiny. And while these actions are taking place outside, we are making new intentions inside which will decide our future actions and shape our destiny ahead.

Taking the above example of deceiving others, when that person sees people shun him due to his habit of lying for his personal benefits, if he changes his new inner intention to that of coming forward and accepting his mistake and seeking forgiveness for his wrong deeds, then automatically his destiny for next life will be shaped in a manner by which he will never do the action of lying for petty gains. Instead his actions will have become honest and Nature will reward him for his honesty. On the other hand, if he doesn’t change his intent, then the same destiny will follow in his next life, yielding similar but more severe results.


Now that we know about this Science of Karma, it’s in our hands to determine our own future, and that is by modifying our deep inner intent! Based on this intent, our actions are decided and our destiny is determined.


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