Is It Good To Run Behind Money Or Behind Success?…

Is It Good To Run Behind Money Or Behind Success?

Today, the whole world is running behind money and success like a thirsty person running badly in search of water while being lost in desert.

Rather than running behind money or success, if we pay more attention to bringing consistency and sincerity in our work, and patiently and honestly put in our best efforts in whatever we do, then these are the actual stepping stones to such success and money that stays with us and brings us peace! Success comes to those who are constant in their efforts and who never get distracted from their set goal. Money is then a by-product and the satisfaction that emerges out of the creative efforts acts as a catalyst to excel further in our work. It may happen that we don’t reap the benefits immediately, but unrelenting efforts pay better and sweeter fruits in the long run!


According to Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, money or success is neither the result of one’s use of intellect nor the result of one’s hard labor. It is the result of the good karmas we’ve done in past life. This leads us to understand that there is no use over-thinking about money or success the whole day, nor is there any need to run behind money or success with the greed to earn more and more of these!

Enjoying what we have in front of us makes us experience life thoroughly.

Furthermore, only when the money or success we earn is actually pure and right, it will result in inner peace, harmonious relationships and will allow us to progress on the path to Salvation.

Let us understand about what is this pure and right money:-


Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan stresses on the need to earn money using the right means and methods. Nature’s law is such that where there is no stealing by mind-body-speech, money just flows in naturally. Pure and right money is earned only through honesty and perseverance towards one’s work. Unflinching honesty, ethical practice and sincerity help us attain the worldly goals of money and success as a by-product.

When wealth is earned through unrighteous means, it is called impure money. When such money, which is not rightfully ours, enters our home, it brings clashes along with it. This results in quarrels with our loved ones and a bundle full of suffering in our relationships. By cheating, one hurts one’s own self and others, and binds bad karmas that takes one into a lower life-form in his next birth. Impure money also leads to contaminated thoughts and negative passions that drag one down and throw him far away from his goals in life.


When one attains One’s Pure Self, karmas stop getting bound, and the path to liberation starts. To attain liberation means to attain freedom from all kinds of worldly suffering. This is the ultimate goal of each and every Soul who is born in the human form. On attaining this ultimate goal, one experiences happiness and the Eternal bliss of the Self.

Thus, the goal of accomplishing ultimate liberation (moksha), which in true sense is success and real wealth, starts by attaining the Self (Self-Realization) through the grace of the Enlightened One!


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