Is Having A Mentor Really Needed To Become Successful?…

Is Having A Mentor Really Needed To Become Successful?

Yes, it’s certainly needed!

Mentor is that special person in your life…

A mentor is one who not only has great expertise in the subject, but also has an equivalent amount of eagerness to share that expertise with you. He voluntary and unconditionally chooses to walk with you on your path of progress.

who is enthusiastic in being a part of ‘your’ success.

Mentor, an expert in his line of subject, by nature, gains immense satisfaction in being a part of someone else’s success. He keenly listens to what you have to say, patiently; and gives you solutions that are rich with understanding. While he has a great ability to give you an honest and direct feedback on your doings, he has no hesitation in giving that to you so that you can learn and grow without any obstruction, in the right direction. He willingly invests his energies in being a part of your success. What more could one ask for?!

who keeps the negativity within you at bay

Negativity is the main reason behind most failures and mentor is your positive role model who converts those failures into success. How?

He neither allows negativity to bog you down nor does he allow you to get bogged down seeing the negativity inside you. He, very smartly and surely, uproots all the negativity that resides within you. But until then, through innovative and motivational unique techniques, he keeps all negativity at bay. In your weak moments, he infuses confidence in you with tales of what he had done when he was facing similar circumstances, and what had worked for him the best then.

who removes all the hitches on your path

Your mentor is well-aware of all your weaknesses, but he shows no hurry or emotionality in getting them removed. Rather, very calmly and constantly, he keeps leaving such deep imprints on your Soul, which silently transforms your entire being. That’s how a mentor is!

Inspires you throughout

He may hold your hand for a while until you stabilize, but he holds your heart forever even after you’ve succeeded in life…. can you ever forget those instances where he’s shown you light and brought you out of darkness, and has infused positivity in your mind when things appeared gloomy and bleak? Never! These are the phases that drag you down the hill and never let you meet success, but a mentor helps you hold the ground and come back even stronger.

so that a smooth path gets paved for you to succeed

Mentor helps you maintain a constant eye on your goal so that you never get defocused, but at the same time, inclines you to wish well of others too. This not only prevents you from being selfish and obsessed of the success you gain, but it naturally and automatically removes the obstacles impeding your own development on the way. This is how mentor helps you succeed in real and sure terms!

It’s really a two-way relationship!

A mentor isn’t someone you admire from afar. Mentor and mentee share a very precious relationship, that of absolute trust and friendship. While he eagerly guides you through the twists and turns on your path, it is your faith that ultimately gives you the result. The stronger your faith in your mentor, the greater and instant is the benefit.

However, faith must come naturally. If you are ‘required to keep’ faith in your mentor, know that he is not your mentor in the true meaning of the term. Mentor is one, whom as soon as you see or hear, you develop instant faith in him, effortlessly and absolutely. Only such a mentor is really needed to become successful.


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