Is Guided Meditation Cheating?…

Is Guided Meditation Cheating?

I used to think that if I could not meditate in total silence or stop my thoughts, then I wasn’t really meditating. I figured I was doing something wrong, or I just couldn’t sit for long periods of time. I felt like a fraud and that I was cheating by lying down and listening to a guided meditation. To me, this really wasn’t meditating.

What is meditation? What do you hope to gain? Do you simply want to achieve a perfect pose of sitting in padmasana (lotus pose) with a smile on your face like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love? Or do you desire something more?

Meditation is a way to connect with your deeper self, that divine place where you feel at home with your body, emotions and thoughts. The benefits of meditation are profound, and even when my mind is racing and I don’t think that I’m doing a “proper” meditation, I’m still taking that moment for myself.

Meditation is where you meet yourself in the moment, just as you are, without judgment. Meditation helps calm the mind. It’s the ultimate date with yourself. 

And so I would argue with anyone who says otherwise, there is no one, right way to meditate. There are so many different forms such as seated meditation, mantra meditation, walking meditation, and Yoga Nidra, just to name a few. Since it takes some time and practice for the mind to settle, it’s a relief to know there are so many different tools at our disposal.

Find what type of meditation resonates with you, and a comfortable position where you can allow the body to rest. Meditation, like anything, is a practice and takes time and discipline. Be gentle with yourself if you can’t “get it” right away. There is no such thing as a good or bad meditation.  Making time for yourself and going within is so beneficial for your overall wellbeing.  No effort is wasted.  Even five minutes a day can make a difference.


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