Is God Deeply Emotional And Is Our Being Thankful Important?…

Is God Deeply Emotional And Is Our Being Thankful Important?

Emotion means feeling, and it is a part of our relative self.

It is said, when thoughts are flowing at a natural rate, there is peace, but when thoughts of anxiousness, depression and fear arise, one may become emotional.

Anger, pride, attachment and greed cause a person to become emotional.

As long as the human body is in motion i.e. in a normal state, there is no hinsa (violence). But when it becomes emotional, millions of subtle life-forms within the body get killed, as a consequence of which, we have to undergo enormous suffering in the life to follow. That is why Gnani, the Enlightened One, says, ‘Do not become emotional.’

God is not emotional, God is the real Self

One whose anger-pride-deceit-greed-ego-attachment-hatred have perished, such a person is called God. Therefore, leave aside deeply emotional, God does not have an iota of emotion.

Today, Lord Mahavir, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna are worshipped as God. But, so that we have the right understanding of who is God, Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir, Lord Rama have themselves clarified:

‘What you can see with your eyes is not God. To whom you refer as God is mortal; God is not this body at all. The body is only the outer packing which is temporary and is bound to perish one day. The one which is within, in the form of an eternal element i.e the Supreme Soul, is whom we call God.’

Gnani explains this in further detail:

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, God is in every creature, whether visible or invisible; not in creation. In man-made creation, there is no God. But in the living creatures i.e. trees, birds, animals, humans, there is God. On the outside, we can see the physical body, but inside, there is Soul. The Soul itself is God.

Presently, we are unable to experience God because there are a lot of coverings over our Soul. When all coverings over the Soul shed away, the absolutely uncovered Soul is God.

‘I’ without ‘my’ is God

You say, “I am Mahesh (you may insert your own name here).”

And when someone asks, “What is your name?” you reply, “My name is Mahesh.”

Do you see the contradiction in these two sentences?

For instance, you say, “This is my watch.” Then you say, “I am a watch.” Or “This is my house.” Then, “No, no, I am house.” Is there any contradiction between the two sentences?

Further, you say, “This is my body” or you say, “I am body”? You would say, ‘this is my body.’ So who is saying, “This is my body”?

The owner and the belonging are always separate

If you say, “This is my house”, it means you are the owner of the house. House and the owner must be separate.

Regarding body, when you say, “this is my body”, it means you are not body; you are separate from body. Similarly, about speech, “It is my speech”; you do not say, “I am speech.” Also, my thoughts!

Whenever you apply the word ‘my’, it means those things are separate from you

It’s my thoughts, my speech, my body. What about wife? You say, ‘my wife or I am wife’?

My wife, isn’t it? so my wife, my children, my business, my property, my hobby, my worship, my medicine. Everything comes in the ‘my’ department.

And what comes in ‘I’?

‘I’ without ‘my’ is Pure Soul!

Soul is God. Absolute ‘I’ is God. – This indeed is the true definition of God!

Lord Mahavir, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna are called God because within their mortal body, they have seen, known and fully experienced the immortal God! Therefore, they are called the Enlightened beings.

Is our being thankful important?

Surely, it is, for God is an infinite source of the right vision and the right knowledge. It is only because of this vision and knowledge that we can understand things in its right perspective. However, we can neither see God nor experience God. Then how do we attain the vision and knowledge of God?

Nurture interest in Gnani Purush

Gnani is the Enlightened One, who has realized God. And we can see Gnani with our eyes, in person, as he is present right here amongst us. With the grace of Gnani, we can realize the Soul i.e. the God, and with his guidance and knowledge, we too can, one day, fully experience the Soul, and become God!

Now tell me, how thankful should we be to such an Enlightened being?!

This is why Shrimad Rajchandra has said : “Do not seek anything except a Gnani (Satpurush). Having found Him, surrender all your feelings and intents in His lotus feet. After having done so, remain thus. If even then you do not feel liberated, come to me for liberation.”

Gnani is the living God! Everyone feels a natural attraction towards Him. We feel like seeing Him, we feel like being with Him, all the time! To read more on the subject, you may visit


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