Is Corona Due To Our Own Karma?…

Is Corona Due To Our Own Karma?

Yes, Corona is very much due to our own karma!

It all happens because of bad karma coming into effect. Corona occurs when bad karmas come into effect. With bad karma, we get disease; and if there is no bad karma there is no disease.

It is through intent that karmas are bound

The intention of giving happiness to others binds good karma and the intention of hurting others will bind bad karmas. What causes bondage of karmas is the inner intent. Therefore, be aware of the inner intent and do not spoil it. The external acts are all effects.

If the inner intent gets spoilt, immediately do pratikraman

In case our intention is such that causes hurt to any living being, we should sincerely do pratikraman. For instance, during Corona, we should keep doing pratikraman in the name of the Corona virus. The amount of pratikraman that we do should be equal to the pain we’ve caused him. Pratikraman means we recall our mistakes, and for each mistake, we pray to God, “Dear God, I have made this mistake. Please forgive me and give me strength so that I do not make this mistake again.”

Param Pujya Dadashri, an enlightened being explains, “All you have to do is pratikraman; you are not responsible for anything else. If you do pratikraman for any of your actions, seventy five percent of the effect of that act is dissolved. The other twenty-five percent remains like the image of a burnt rope. In the next life, it will disintegrate easily. Every cause has an effect. By doing pratikraman, karmas of the next life can be shaken off.” If someone gets hurt and you do pratikraman, you will progress towards liberation.

One would have to experience even the smallest of karmas, if created

Yes, we have no choice but to suffer them. There is no way out.

But on the path to liberation, if one ceases to sow new seeds, the fruits of past karmas will come and leave. The Soul is then liberated. When all karmas have been completely exhausted, one attains the final Moksha.

Rules of karma are such that when you create karma, result will come naturally and automatically

Who gives the fruits of these karmas? God?

No. It is given by Nature, or what is called ‘Scientific Circumstantial Evidences’ by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “Everything runs scientifically. There is no need for a middleman. When the time is up for maturation of karma, it automatically comes into effect; just like these mangoes that ripen automatically.” These karmas are like mangoes that ripen on the tree. When the time is right, they ripen and are ready for consumption.

According to the law of Nature, when the time is right, the karma must come into fruition

Karma requires time to come into fruition; for some people it may take five hundred to even a thousand years to mature.

First, a fulfilment of a certain time period is required before a cause (seed of karma) becomes an effect (fruit of karma). Nothing will happen without this time period. It is like a mango tree. First, the tree produces blossoms and then the mango. It doesn’t ripen in just one day. Similarly, some of the karmas that one binds need a hundred years to ripen before they give fruit.

The problem is not the fruits of karma, it is the seeds of new karma that are destructive.

One can be liberated while experiencing the fruits of past karma; you merely have to taste the fruits and move on. But liberation is impossible if one continues to bind new karmas, because he will have to stay back to reap the consequences of the karma.

The internal intent of attachment and abhorrence is the seed for new karmas

While suffering the consequences of the karma, if people become engrossed in the fruit of karma, they become the doers and sufferers of the karma.

It is due to ignorance that, while experiencing the karmas, attachment and abhorrence (raag-dwesh) are created, which in turn creates new seeds of karma that mature in the next life and have to be suffered. The internal intent of attachment and abhorrence is the seed for new karmas. Once new karmas are created, you will have to experience their consequences in the next life. They will not let you go and that is why they are obstructive.

Gnanis prevent one from creating new seeds of karmas

New karmas are not created as long as one remains the Knower and Observer of the karma that is unfolding. The function of the Soul is to just know and see each karma. But if one becomes involved (“I am the doer, I am the sufferer”), then he will bind new karma.

If you renounce the identification with the body, then you are not the doer of karmas and neither are you the enjoyer or sufferer of these karmas. That is the ultimate essence of dharma. ~Shrimad Rajchandra

Only when Gnani gives us the right vision of ‘who am I’, the identification with the body stops, and thus we stop binding new karma!

It is only after you attain Self-realization, that you cease to bind new karmas.

In reality, one is the Pure Soul, but he is not aware of this real identity. Because the person does not have this awareness, he identifies himself as ‘I am John (you may insert your own name here)’ and ‘I am this body. I am the doer.’ This belief is ignorance and it is because of this ignorance that karmas are bound. When with Gnani’s grace, one attains Self-Realization, then even amidst Corona, the Self-realized continues to experience the bliss of Self.


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