Is Corona Also A Soul? Should We Not Hurt It According To Jainism’s Non-Violence-Theory?…

Is Corona Also A Soul? Should We Not Hurt It According To Jainism’s Non-Violence-Theory?

Is Corona also a Soul?

Few people say Corona virus is non-living, and others say it is living.

While some argue that how can something, which spreads so fast and infects other living beings so quickly, not be considered a living creature; some others feel they are non-living for various biological reasons. Hence, we can say, this is a subjective belief so far!

Yes, according to Jainism, we should not cause the slightest hurt to any living being!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says,

“Non-violence itself is a religion and non-violence means spiritual progress too. The definition of non-violence is: Maintaining the awareness to not hurt any living being, even in the slightest degree, through your mind, speech and actions. You will make spiritual progress when this principle remains firm in your conviction and awareness.”

The very fact that you’ve asked this question suggests your awareness of this principle.

So, many Congratulations to You and wish you Good luck to progress well on the spiritual path…

Let’s understand the theory of non-violence in some more detail.

Is it possible in this day and age to live life without hurting any living being?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan emphatically says,

“Whoever desires to do so, can do it. All you have do is have an intention that you do not want to hurt any living being, and repent for the times you cannot maintain it. If your goal and decision is firm and you maintain non-violence in your awareness, then absolute non-violence too will happen!”

What about the medications we take to reduce fever or infection in the body

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “You need not worry about the violence to such life-forms.”

One could die if we did not give the patient the medicine to kill parasites in his stomach. You have to treat them. So, give whatever medications he needs to kill all the parasites.

Param Pujya Dadashri teaches that even if the medicine prescribed causes this violence, you must still take it, and care for the body. Everything in life is based on a process of profit and loss. If this body were to live two more years, you could accomplish a lot within this time, because it is through this body that you can and you will meet the Gnani Purush!!! You will incur some loss through violence, but your benefits will be twenty times greater. Your benefits will far outweigh your losses; it is all a business of profit and loss. In this world there is nothing but life-forms. Countless lifeforms are destroyed in just one breath, but we cannot stop breathing, isn’t it?

Body must be kept healthy for the attainment of Self-Realization, which should be the goal of life

The ultimate purpose of human life is to know really ‘who am I? ’ Human life is very precious, for it is only in this life-form that we can attain Self-Realization and free ourselves from the vicious cycle of pain and misery in life. Therefore, if ever we need to take medications and save our life, we can and should do so; but with the intention to get alright and progress on the path of spirituality. This should be the primary goal in our life.

Also, whenever we cause harm to any living being, then according to Jainism, we should surely do pratikraman in the name of Lord Mahavir. Non-violence is Lord’s instruction, so we must abide by it and if we cannot follow it for some reason, we must immediately and sincerely ask for forgiveness.

Never kill those life-forms that flee away in fear from you

You always need to be very cautious to not harm those life-forms that flee away in fear from you. One should give protection to life-forms that move, experience fear and flee for their safety, such as mosquitoes, ants, chicken, etc. that sense fear when they are obstructed with a finger.

A true non-violent person can never be harmed

There is so much going on in news these days, regarding where Corona started from, etc.

A true non-violent person does not interfere with anything or anyone. Such a person never takes sides, because if he stands up for one party, the other will feel hurt and this too would be a form of violence.

Therefore, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan advises, “One should not get involved in anything like this; one must not try to practice justice. A non-violent person never passes judgment. Violence occurs where judgment is made. If you practiced absolute non-violence, it would be impossible for anyone to attack you. Such a non-violent individual would not utter even a single word of partiality. If he were pushed, he would utter words that would cause the least harm. When you take sides between two parties, you will undoubtedly cause violence against one of them.”

The intent of non-violence must arise continuously from within.

Lord Mahavir has left behind a very clear distinction between violence and non-violence. He knew that an era of violent times was approaching and so He said, “Face all violence with non-violence.” If someone uses the weapon of violence, you should use the ‘weapon’ of non-violence against him. Only this approach will lead to happiness. Violence only stops with non-violence. You should pray to whichever God you believe in and say: “Dear Lord, make everyone non-violent.”

Every morning before leaving home, very heartily express your inner intent before God, ‘I do not want to hurt any living being, even in the slightest degree, through my thoughts, speech and conduct’. You may repeat this five times when you pray. But this should be your inner intent all the time!

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