Is Becoming Successful Or Failure To Do With Your Past Karma?…

Is Becoming Successful Or Failure To Do With Your Past Karma?

Modern society is extremely demanding and challenging, causing a lot of pressure in our personal and social lives. Particularly, the peer pressure to succeed is intense, and many people struggle to survive in such an environment, wanting to succeed and fearing to fail.

But how does success and failure actually happen? Let us explore the facts, to save us from any futile struggle.

What is karma?

Things you do not wish to happen in life, do they still happen? Why so? It is because of our past karma that things happen, irrespective of whether we like it or we don’t.

Whatever we encounter in life is all fruit of our past karmas. Becoming successful is the fruit of karma and failure too is a fruit of karma.

How is karma bound?

Thinking that, ‘I am John (the reader may please insert his own name here) and I am the doer’, we keep harnessing good and bad intentions in life, such as “I will donate money for this noble cause.” Or “I will never let my rival go ahead, I will bring him down.”

Through good intentions, we bind new good karmas, and through bad intentions, we bind bad karmas as well. Good karmas bear good fruits, as a result of which we become successful, whereas bad karmas inevitably bring us failures, even if we are too careful. And thus, success and failure are indeed related to our past karma.

Things in this world are not in a ‘seed’ form; they are in a form of a ‘fruit’.

After knowing this science of karma, there is no point running after success or getting depressed over failures. What is to happen in future is not known to anyone. And whatever has happened has happened, no one can change it now; so why waste our time and effort over it?

In this life, we have already come with a ready farm; all we have to do is harvest the fruits now. So, one should persevere to live in present because whose present is good, his everything is good. Just put in normal efforts, maintaining sincerity and morality in whatever you do, and leave the rest to Nature, whose job is to ensure that the fruits of your karma get delivered to you.

How do we stop binding karma?

If we stop binding karma, we will not have to ceaselessly remain trapped, day in and day out, in this suspense of success and failure.

We bind karma because we believe that, ‘I am John (the reader may please insert his own name here) and I am the doer.’ However these are wrong beliefs, since we really are a Pure Soul. We realize this fact only when we attain Self-Realization. And this can be easily and effortlessly attained through the grace of Akram Gnani, the Enlightened One!!! For details, we can go to

When we know for real that, ‘I am Pure Soul’, we stop binding new karmas. What remains thereafter is only pending karmas that have already been bound in our past life, while in state of ignorance. As these past karmas bear the fruits one by one in this life, what we have to do in present is – following the words of Gnani, remain in the awareness of ‘I am Pure Soul’ and maintain equanimity, which is the nature of the Soul. This will help the past karmas discharge completely and effectively.

Thus, becoming successful in worldly life – let us leave it to our past karma; and from now on, intend instead becoming successful in our real life (our real Self being the Soul); for which we’ll pursue Gnani, and with His grace, attain Self-Realization as soon as we can!!


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