Is Ambition Soulful?

Recently I had a conversation with a client about ambition. She has a desire to share a big message with others and make an impact in the world. That is her ambition.

Is Ambition A Bad Thing?

She asked me if this growing ambition was a bad thing. If having an ambition was bad. I have to say, my heart broke a little.

When we have the desire to become a leader, step into the spotlight and change the world, it isn’t ego-driven . . . it’s Soul driven. It is only ego-driven when you are trying to make a difference to fill a hole inside of you. There are numerous examples of this throughout the history of the world. In fact, manifest destiny is an ideal representation of expanding and securing only for the sake of a perceived “righteous” ideal.

You Want To Fully Express Yourself

If you are ambitious because you want to fully express yourself, share your vision and help make the world a better place (not a place you judge as better, but truly better), then ambition is Divine.

In truth, it isn’t what you think or feel, it’s what you believe that fuels your vision. Individuals who want to be of service are hard wired to “be good people”. So much so that we often forget that in all of this being “good”, we are losing ourselves; we aren’t choosing and claiming what we want to create.

It’s Time To Be A Good Person To You

How can we truly be “good people” if we are spending most of our time beating ourselves up for what we want, feel, think, desire.

When we create a conscious connection with our Soul, I believe it is important to add to any question . . . “is this for the greatest good of all”?

That add-on has prevented me from taking action using my ego’s interpretation of what my Soul is offering a number of times in my life.

I think it is also important to keep in mind that an ego-maniac doesn’t usually pause and stop to ask themselves “am I being truly guided?”

Being connected and conscious takes practice and allows you to understand and know when the slightest thing within you is out of alignment. You might not always know what to do with that awareness in the moment, but being connected allows that to be unveiled.

Yes, I’m Ambitious And The Divine Is Good With That

Before this conversation with my client, I would never have said that I’m ambitious. I would have said I’m driven, but that’s really just semantics. Hell, yes, I’m ambitious. I want to create change in my life and the lives of others, and sitting on the sidelines doesn’t make that happen.


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