Is Alignment About Manifestation Or Growth?…

Is Alignment About Manifestation Or Growth?

How we live, what we choose to do, the relationships we foster, and even the work we do are all being assessed these days by how aligned they are with our deepest truth.

The idea of alignment soothes the soul. Whether or not something is aligned with us is becoming a necessary part of how we operate. As we become more energetically aware, we feel the “not-so-aligned” in our life much more acutely.

And although we hope to understand what is in alignment with us before we move forward into things, we often better recognize it by looking back.

What’s aligning to what, here?

It’s important to recognize that alignment doesn’t necessarily translate to manifestation. It’s hard to swallow the fact that just because something is possible, it may not be meant to be. Maybe the timing was off, or there was something happening at a deeper level that we weren’t aware of.

And, just because we can do something doesn’t mean we need to.

Sometimes we get caught up in the emotion of an idea. The idea feels aligned so we trudge ahead only to find ourselves in a different place than we hoped for; or worse… nowhere.

Those are the moments when we need to ask a bigger question: “What exactly is coming into alignment here?”

Manifestation isn’t always the intended outcome. Growth is.

I suppose we can say there are no “bad” choices if we are always learning and growing. It seems Spirit keeps nudging us into alignment in that way.

There are times when, in hindsight, it’s clear to me that what felt aligned and moved me into action in some way wasn’t about manifesting that thing, but about manifesting growth.

I merely didn’t know that was how deep I was working at the time.

I see this with clients all the time too; what starts out feeling aligned becomes a stepping stone for growth. There’s a chance for healing and personal awareness that comes out of taking action toward something like a job or a relationship that feels aligned. And even when the “thing” they want doesn’t manifest, something big did occur.

The work, however, is to understand what has come into alignment and use it to move forward.

There’s a long game in play with alignment.

To manifest things that are truly aligned with us, we have to become the people who can live them. We have to become the version of “us” that can embody the energy of what we seek. There’s often a level of growth needed to fully live up to all that is required to be the caretaker of what we wish to manifest.

And that means we may first have to grow… a whole lot.

The things that feel big and meaningful to us often require us to approach their creation with a “long game” mentality. To play that game, I think we need shift-away from approaching this alignment question like there’s a straight line between us and what we want.

We can’t necessarily simply ask, “Is this job aligned with me?” I mean the answer might be yes, but you missed hearing about the part that to have it you’d need to move, reconnect to your creative side, learn to allow more, and step into a whole lot more personal power.

Eh, yea, it’s aligned but it’s not going to be a straight line getting there.

The better question to be asking is, “How do I need to grow to help this manifest, and what is the most aligned next step for that growth?”

When I approach my life and what I wish to create from that perspective, things move forward in new ways. When I ask my clients to learn to think like that – and intuitively connect to their answers – new opportunities show up. Growth happens.

Asking for alignment means upping the ante.

I think we forget sometimes that when we say we want to live life aligned with our spirit, we are raising the stakes. We don’t just show up to things that are aligned with us. We seek out alignment.

Whatever it is that you are asking for, when you ask that it be aligned with your higher self, know this: alignment will occur.

Be open to the growth of it all.

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