Is A Miserable Marriage Better Than No Marriage At All?…

Is A Miserable Marriage Better Than No Marriage At All?

Yes of course, who would want to invite misery? But unfortunately, one can tell that theirs has been ‘a miserable marriage’ only after the marriage! By then, the option of ‘no marriage’ has already gone away.

In case you do not find yourself too much inclined towards the idea of marriage itself, it is best to avoid it, but only after due deliberation on the matter! And if you discover that you definitely do not wish to get married or you are just not prepared to take the risk of a miserable marriage, then you may start gathering the right understanding regarding brahmacharya.

Right understanding is one that produces results.

The knowledge, the Gnan, the understanding that produces results, is the right knowledge. And this, we get only from Gnani, the Enlightened One!

Gnani says, you either decide that you want to practice brahmacharya or you get married; but never get onto the wrong path of illicit relationships, be it with or without marriage. Beware, doing so, you bind a strong knot of suffering and misery of many lives.

So, if you are sure you do not want to get married, then there is nothing greater than the thought of taking the path of brahmacharya, and a firm decision of remaining on it. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains, “Brahmacharya can be preserved if your deep inner intent (bhaav) from previous life was so. The other way to preserve brahmacharya is based on your unflinching determination to do so. Your unflinching determination coupled with the energy and power of my words, which is always there, will preserve brahmacharya.”

However, for brahmacharya, not marrying alone is not enough. It’s important that our mind, intellect, chit and ego should all remain in brahmacharya. If mind, intellect, chit and ego turn towards brahmacharya, then the external sexuality will shed off automatically. “Turn your mind, intellect, chit and ego. My agna (directive) is such that these four do turn, for sure, towards brahmacharya”, assures Param Pujya Dadashri, the founder of Akram Vignan.

Akram Vignan is a spiritual science where one makes a direct entry into the Self (by attaining Self-Realization from Gnani) and that is what is called rising higher. Brahmacharya ideally means dwelling in our real Self (the Pure Soul). Brahmacharya leads to the experience of the bliss of the Self.

“If a person practices brahmacharya and attains its full glory, it is a very big thing! And what more does one need if, along with brahmacharya, he has ‘Dada’s Gnan’, this ‘Akram Vignan’? This Akram Vignan alone is such that with its experience and the extraordinary result of the accomplished brahmacharya, one enjoys the bliss of an Emperor of Emperors. All the kings of the world will have to bow to him.”

Having said that, it is not mandatory for anyone to practice brahmacharya!

Practicing celibacy will only happen if our karma effects are there in this regard; it will occur only if our previous karmas are such. On the other hand, when one’s karma is that of marriage, then marriage is inevitable. If that’s what is destined in your case, marry on a positive note. You will have a happy marriage. And God forbid, if it turns out to be a miserable marriage, even then Gnan (Self-Realization) will help you.

So, first and foremost attain Self-Realization and obtain the right vision to see things ‘as is’ from the Living Gnani!


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