Invest On Your Potential With The New Moon In Taurus Solar Eclipse…

Invest On Your Potential With The New Moon In Taurus Solar Eclipse

April has been a hot spot of change and is maybe the most powerful month of this year.

Be ready to top off this transformation frequency on April 30th with the second New Moon of the month, another re-set moment amplified by the first Solar Eclipse of the season.

Eclipses have substantial effects on a personal and collective level and show us that how we treat ourselves will affect our environment. This first Eclipse of the season moves us towards the future, promoting the ambition to walk a stable path to power.

The New Moon in Taurus brings a grounding and sustainable energy; simultaneously, the Eclipse is activating new energy that will help you focus on the “potential” in you, the aspects of you that need to be replenished and supported to sprout out, full of life.

This Solar Eclipse in Taurus will help you settle and ground into understanding how to integrate your new personal values with people in your life and the ever-moving collective consciousness.

The ultimate point of manifestation is to feel your creations inside you with no effort and great confidence. This lunar cycle creates a perfect experience for you to “receive” a fully developed, high-resolution picture of what you will manifest in your journey in this lifetime.

In Pisces, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune create a wave of kindness, softness, romance, and sensitivity. The magic of these planetary alignments consists of the ability to feel and embody the experience of personal realization. The high sensitivity accrued by the Moon and Taurus is creating a new fertile ground within you.

The opposing energies of Taurus and Uranus are also working to emphasize the development of your potential.

Taurus likes to create a life filled with what is good; it is stable and secure, adds strength by creating routines, grounds our energy, and grants our basic needs to elevate our sense of self and self-worth.

On the other hand, Uranus works with flexibility; it’s constantly moving, supporting the birth of a new version of ourselves and shaking things up to show us what has become stagnant.

If you feel Uranus’s energy, you are ready for what is coming next.

Uranus has a fast and accelerated force that is alive, inside and around you, that won’t allow you to settle for less or dismiss the dream residing inside of you.

Notice if it becomes too painful to let go of the security of Taurus to follow the fast-paced changing force of Uranus. If you feel defeated and doubtful, know that you are not alone and that it is necessary to go through the grinder of fear of uncertainty before landing in the new land of self-discovery and self-realization.


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