Introduction: Vedic Astrology & Karma With Dr. Theja…

Introduction: Vedic Astrology & Karma With Dr. Theja

Your karmic journey can be seen on your Vedic Astrology Horoscope. Understanding the dignity and the position of planets in your horoscope will help you to understand our karmic journey.

My YouTube channel is not aimed at teaching Vedic Astrology or at answering individual Astrology questions. Instead, I am wanting to inspire and to show people the importance and value of Vedic Astrology and its relationship to our Karmic journey and spirituality. I am not asking individuals (especially the skeptics) to follow Vedic Astrology with the belief that it will solve all their problems; I simply want them to understand how much it can help them to lead a better life if they wisely utilize the skills and talents given to them by the planets in their horoscope. If anyone wishes to learn how to practice Vedic Astrology, they can do so by viewing the many Vedic Astrology-related YouTube channels, books, and podcasts. However, please remember that accurately analyzing a horoscope takes many years of practice and learning, and therefore I always encourage individuals to seek the guidance of a professional Vedic Astrologer if they want to accurately understand their horoscope.


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Dr Theja is a consultant Astrologer who is well known around the world. Through Vedic Astrology, Dr Theja will empower…

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