Intro To Theosophy


Let’s resume our tour through esoteric astrology, and talk about the organization that made any and all forms of spiritual and esoteric astrology possible: the Theosophical society.

Bold statement, I know, but it is true. HP Blavatsky traveled as much as she could through India and a lot of the western world, look for spiritual and occult insights. She collected this information with the intent to find the underlying spiritual themes that permeate western occultism, and really, western civilization. She did this through most of her life, and this brought her into contact with many spiritual teachings of many diverse paths. Eventually, in 1875, she and a few others founded the Theosophical Society in New York City, NY. This was after the release of her book “Isis Unveiled,” which discussed spiritual awakening and development. Yes, there is much more in it than that, but it was after this came out that she received attention for her work.

It is actually amazing that it took that long for her to receive recognition. Let’s look at this more objectively. She was a Russian noblewoman that traveled India, Europe, and the USA extensively in the mid-nineteenth century! This is long before women receiving equal votive rights. This was shortly before the Women’s Suffrage Movement as well, so put into context of her time, she was quite pioneering and bold. This manifested in her life as being difficult to work with according to various sources that are easily found. This is not a negative trait though, as a woman had to have a strong sense of ego and personality to get anything accomplished at that time, let alone seeking the roots of the western tradition!

The motto of the Theosophical Society (TS) is “there is no religion higher than truth.” That pretty much sums up their aim. The focus of the TS is on discovering the truth. This is a double-edged sword though. One side of the blade is that they’re saying it is better to learn the truth and behave from a space of knowing that and applying its wisdom than to take things on blind faith. However, the other side of the blade is that the truth is generally subjective. In context of Theosophical beliefs, what this means is that the ultimate truth one can achieve comes from personal gnosis, reflection, and inner knowing. Therefore, while yes, the TS encourages knowledge and knowing the truth, it also realizes that ultimately we are our own gurus, and therefore truth can be found within. This is the context that esoteric astrology originates. It is built on the idea that there is an underlying spiritual theme to the Western Esoteric Tradition that permeates all of western society. Regardless of what you may think of certain outdated Theosophical principles, the fact of the matter remains that it is the oldest organization in the western world that has also had the most influence on modern spirituality as it exists today, and the TS emphasizes a blend of cognitive knowledge and inner gnosis.


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